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An office space flourishes not through ownership but through partnership. It is evident that most work spaces treat their employees as resources. And while it is important for every organisation to tap into the potential of its workforce, it is equally important to inculcate a sense of belonging and to allow each team member to recharge and bond with fellow colleagues.

This is why all team members partake in various activities every wednesday so that they can energize and feel motivated to take on any challenge. These activities help nurture healthy work relations, make other team members seem approachable or even help reserved employees interact freely and build their personality. Ofcourse, the joy and laughter are what we aim for, and just like all other occasions our enthusiastic team never disappoints.
From pictionary to scavenger hunts, every activity is met with cheer and there is always a lot of eagerness to join the fun. It is a tradition we hold very close to our heart.