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Normalizing Menstrual Leave at Workplace

As a culture-driven company, you are our #1 priority. Despite the taboo surrounding periods, we believe it’s every woman’s right. It’s not just another hop-on-the-trend thing.

Menstrual Leave

It’s time to normalize menstrual leaves at the workplace.

It’s very controversial in many countries if you can take menstrual leave at work. As stated in the Economic Times of India, the Union Women and Child Development minister, Smriti Irani made a statement in Parliament:

“As a menstruating woman, menstruation, and the menstruation cycle, is a natural part of life and shouldn’t be treated as a handicap requiring special leave provision. We should not propose issues where women are denied equal opportunities just because somebody who does not menstruate has a particular viewpoint towards menstruation”.

Her concerns may be for the right reasons on how women are denied equality at workplaces. We wanted to know opinions from Atliqers. So, we took a different approach. On our quarterly feedback at Atliq, we talked with female workers and one of our Atliqers shed light on this matter.

We’ve Broken Down Their Feedback as Below:

#1. Heavy Mood Swings Affect Work Productivity

You wake up with tons of emotions. One minute you’re happy, another minute you’re sad, and sometimes you’re raging. You never know which feeling will emerge next. It’s only fair we think that you shouldn’t have to force yourself to work while falling into a rabbit hole. Facing people, having meetings where you’re just hoping for the day to end soon. Each hour feels longer with the wrenching pain and abrupt mood swings.

#2. The Discomfort of Sharing

From shopkeepers who give you pads in a black bag like it’s some explosive bomb to religious cults shaming women not to speak about it. We found, that many women feel uncomfortable asking for period leave. On top of that, many companies lack proper hygiene facilities for women to change pads, resulting in women resorting to sick leave monthly.

#3. Some Experience Extreme Pain, Cramps, & More

Many women describe period pain as “someone twisting their guts inside out”, while others say “A dagger in the stomach”. A study by University College London conducted in 2017 reveals that “period pain can be as painful as a heart attack”. The intensity of pain differs for each woman. In many scenarios, women are just wanting to crawl back to bed after work, unable to eat a meal, and some even suffer diarrhea and nausea throughout. It’s common for even non-dysmenorrheic women to experience fatigue, back pain, headaches (menstrual migraines), and muscle aches during periods.

Check out this video where Atliqer women discuss feelings of discomfort and pain associated with periods:

So, What Did Atliq Decide to Do About It?

We believe in actions rather than to preach. 2 hours right after the quarterly feedback session. We called the management to discuss the best possible solutions. Here’s what we came up with:

#1. 8 Days Menstrual Leaves Annually

Though some frown upon the idea that not all women feel period pain or can face inequality at the workplace or misuse leaves. We feel menstrual leaves help women to take a break from their blues. Aid the ones who struggle the most during menstrual cycles and have to opt for ‘sick leaves’ because they’re left with no choice.

#2. Free Access To Menstrual Products

We’ve provisions of pads and tampons 24×7 even if you run out or face any unpredictabilities. You won’t need to panic. To ensure women feel at ease in the event of early or late periods, leakage, or any other unwanted scenarios, we sanitize the workplace and implement the utmost hygiene measures.

#3. On-site Rest Places

Don’t feel like going home or taking a leave? That’s ok too. Many women want the opposite—to stay at the office and work. It keeps them distracted. At Atliq, we have restrooms to provide an inclusive environment and comfort like home.

Conclusion:  Do you think creating a slogan about it will cut it? No, right? We don’t either. Awareness is not enough. Let’s not forget that sexes were created differently, and we should create our needs accordingly.

Above all, treating women with basic health care is our duty, and providing them with proper facilities and sanitization at the workplace should be the bare minimum. Adding an annual menstrual leave policy is an idea to remove any barriers that women face, including their health and well-being at the top. Increasing overall company productivity, encouraging a supportive work culture, and promoting personal growth.

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