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About Us

A Culture That Speaks A Common Language!!

The People
New Jersey USA
Vadodara India

Founded in 2017, AtliQ emerged as an IT & Business Consulting company dedicated to facilitating the seamless integration of business processes through automated tools. Over our experience, we have empowered numerous enterprises with tailored solutions, fostering scalability, process optimization, cost reduction, and heightened overall efficiency.

Operating as a multinational entity with a presence in the United States and India, AtliQ extends its services to businesses worldwide. Our strategic insights and dependable processes have yielded exceptional outcomes across diverse industries, fostering contented clients, fruitful partnerships, and rapid expansion.

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Core Values

Our culture and values define who we are. Culture influences how we treat one another. For us, these are not mere words on a page, but these are the words that matter. 

Our people wield extraordinary influence through the magic of participation, where small actions create seismic shifts. Initiatives like Menstrual Leave showcase our commitment to impactful, bottom-up change.

Secret sauce? We’re an open book. From Woohoo! Victories to Oh! Fallbacks, our team is on the same page. We believe in a shared narrative, keeping everyone tuned into the symphony of success and the rhythm of setbacks.

Big work, big responsibility. A solid internal culture is our compass, guiding us through the responsibilities of a sizable team. Sustainability in responsibility is our ethos, ensuring each step is rooted in ethical strength.

More than transactions; it’s a positive journey. Our customer-centric approach crafts experiences that linger before and after the sale, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business. In our world, customers are not just transactions; they are the heartbeat of our business.

We surge ahead by embracing and leveraging the unique needs, perspectives, and potential of every team member. Our vibrant tapestry includes a remarkable 24% female workforce, and every celebration from Uttarayan to Christmas is a chorus of unity.

“Every individual act of compassion brings harmony to the entire company.” Tweaking the Dalai Lama’s wisdom, we believe in creating a workplace where kindness is a language everyone speaks. It’s not just a job; it’s a joyful journey.

Why should
you work with AtliQ?

Several things define us as a company, but these differentiate us.

Partners in your growth About Us

Partners in your growth

You want results and that’s what we are fond of. Our team works with a passion for details, working with a proactive approach toward your success. We are creative while keeping a close eye on the calendar and your budget.

We have done it before

We have done it before

With years of experience in the market, our vision along with creative thinking will make sure your project is a success. Even though your problem/ requirement is not new to us, our solutions are always new.

Team Synergy About Us

Team Synergy

We know our work. We love our work. Self-development programs, transparent HR policies, fun activities, etc, make us a most employee-friendly company. This makes coming to work fun rather than a monotonous burden. Happy workplace= Productive Work= Exceptional Results.

Keen Eyed On Future

Keen-Eyed on future

Working with us, you will understand we make it look easy. We break promises because we plan to exceed the promises made. The destination of our journey will be attained regardless of any factors. In the long term, our priority is on making your company succeed.

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