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About us

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New Jersey USA
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AtliQ was established in 2017 as an IT services company to help businesses integrate their processes with automated tools. Over the past 5 years, AtliQ has successfully provided many businesses with custom solutions that help them scale, or streamline their processes, reduce overhead costs and increase overall efficiency.

As a multinational company located in the United States and India, we cater to businesses from all corners of the world. Our insightful strategies and reliable processes have helped us assist various industries with remarkable results. Our resourcefulness has led to satisfied clients, successful collaborations, and rapid growth.

It is our mission to continue serving companies with innovative software solutions and assisting them in their digital transformation.

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About AtliQ technologies
About AtliQ technologies
Core Values

Our culture and values define who we are. Culture influences how we treat one another. For us, these are not mere words on a page, but these are the words that matter. 

Bottom-up culture

We worry top-down, but we invest bottom-up. – Seth Klarman
Our people are extraordinary when it comes to little more participation which brings in a large impact. 


We don’t hide the secret sauce. The team is in terms with everything- from Woohoo! Victory to Oh! A fallback. We believe in keeping the team updated with success and failures.


Big work brings in a big responsibility. A big team holds bigger responsibilities. Without a solid internal culture, it would be nearly impossible to take on this responsibility in a sustainable way.

Customer Centric

Becoming a customer centric business is focused on providing a positive experience to the customer before as well as after sales to drive repeat business and enhance loyalty, thus improving the business.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion is more than lack of politics. We outpace our competitors by respecting & leveraging the unique needs, perspectives and potential of all team members.


Every individual act of compassion and kindness, brings harmony to the entire company. Yes, we did tweak the Dalai Lama’s quote. This makes them enjoy coming to work rather than treating it as a mere burden.

Why should
you work with AtliQ?

Several things define us as a company, but these differentiate us.

Partners in your growth About Us

Partners in your growth

You want results and that’s what we are fond of. Our team works with a passion for details, working with a proactive approach toward your success. We are creative while keeping a close eye on the calendar and your budget.

We have done it before

We have done it before

With years of experience in the market, our vision along with creative thinking will make sure your project is a success. Even though your problem/ requirement is not new to us, our solutions are always new.

Team Synergy About Us

Team Synergy

We know our work. We love our work. Self-development programs, transparent HR policies, fun activities, etc, make us a most employee-friendly company. This makes coming to work fun rather than a monotonous burden. Happy workplace= Productive Work= Exceptional Results.

Keen Eyed On Future

Keen-Eyed on future

Working with us, you will understand we make it look easy. We break promises because we plan to exceed the promises made. The destination of our journey will be attained regardless of any factors. In the long term, our priority is on making your company succeed.

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