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Life at

AtliQ Diwali Celebration

At AtliQ we believe that quality and loyalty go hand in hand, which is why employee satisfaction is always a priority in our company. We aim to create a unique work environment where individuals are motivated to achieve better results and have the freedom to explore every aspect of their personality.

AtliQers have created a great atmosphere in the office premises by making sure there are frequent group interactions and energizing activities that help one stay motivated and feel at ease even when they are at work. Our group activities range from team-building exercises or “WOW Wednesday” which take place on the Wednesday of every week, providing a great mid-week break and lightening everyone’s mood.

What makes AtliQ stand out is the way we reject the traditional corporate culture which concentrates on the organization’s benefits over individual growth. Our team exercises also comprise a mastermind club which allows one to seek guidance and companionship as they take up new skills and actively try to overcome their shortcomings.

We also encourage our employees to read books and spend some time in the valuable process of self-care and self-improvement. We motivate them to engage in such helpful activities with our book club where they can hear from others and share their experiences and look for ways to implement their learnings from books they have read.

Our office space is a free and supportive environment that rejects the idea of micromanagement and lets each individual take responsibility for themselves and work at their own pace. There are enough playful banter and joyous celebrations that make one miss the workplace even on the weekends! We are very supportive and understanding of personal commitments and follow a flexible workday that allows the employees to strike the perfect work-life balance and makes sure that they are able to take care of all their commitments whether personal or professional.