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Make Your Yearly Goals More Effective

Our year-end town hall meetings aren’t just corporate gatherings, it’s a place to present your ideas to take a leap with the right mentorship. AtliQ town halls allow real-time conversations and feedback.

Watch your ideas come to life.

Coastal paint + Dance + Play Games + Set Goals

Who says corporate meetups have to be typical and boring? Our town hall norms are: we have no norms. At AtliQ town hall trips you’ll find yourself, trying things you’ve never tried before like coastal paintings, picking fruits in the garden, playing games at 3 AM of the night, and sleeping in the lap of nature or having a blast at the pool party. From founders to CEO, everyone participates. 

Titles dissolve at AtliQ Technologies. 

We believe “teamwork makes a dream work.” That’s why with our team meetups as well, we love hearing what our team thinks. Irrespective of your position, everyone is encouraged at the town halls to pitch in their ideas, not just the heads. And the more fun way to do that? Our get-togethers aren’t in stuffy offices. Nope! We head out to cool spots like camp resorts or cozy halls. 

Review, Rewards, and Rundown: How Do We Do It?

#1. Review

Measurable results require self-reviews. That’s why we discuss revenues, profits and team efficiency.  Identifying what a company does right or wrong, and where there’s room for improvement is crucial to hitting goals. Vague goals get blurred with time so we discuss specific action plans for next year’s goals keeping our team’s feedback in mind, any hot market trends, and focusing on core strengths to help create a clear roadmap. 

#2. Rewards

Although we believe that there is no day for big appreciation but that it should be a daily act, we also acknowledge our team’s valuable contributions throughout the year. Every effort is rewarded, not just the best worker of the year, but also “Dedicated one”, “The brilliant beginner”, “The powerhouse of AtliQ”, “The start player of the team” and many more. From promotions to small appreciations, any small effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

#3. Rundown

Even though this seems basic, it’s an important part of the town hall where team heads share transparency with numbers—revenue to profits. Each department head has an open discussion with their team without grudges, biases, or fear. But this doesn’t mean all work and no play. AtliQ town halls are your getaways for new games you’ve never played, paintings, dancing and pool too. We also make sure no one forgets their swimsuit!

Take a look at AtliQ Town Hall 2024:

YouTube Thumbnail

#4. Ideas & Initiatives

In addition to the goals set by company leaders for each team member, companies grow with more conversational approaches when team members are able to suggest ideas at any time, especially during town hall meetings. At AtliQ Technologies, if the leader thinks the idea can work, they’ll give you a chance to take the initiative and turn your ideas into reality, offering you growth opportunities.

#5. Feedback

Have you ever noticed feedback saves years of ‘blind spots’ and helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses? At the town hall, we have an open discussion about each department as well as the overall efficiency of systems to management. Everyone from the founders to the team leads and clients is asked for feedback after every project or casual team discussion at town hall. This practice helps us breed true leaders.

Conclusion: AtliQ Town Hall is beyond just setting quarterly goals or a corporate meetup. It is a place for you to showcase your skills, leadership qualities, a chance to build your future with exponential growth, take initiative in your ideas that you’ve been dreaming about for years and of course some good food, fun and shared laughter. Don’t forget to bring your swag to town hall.

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