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Book Reading Club

“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Book Reading Club At Atliq

Picking up a new habit.

Book reading is nothing new to us. In childhood, either we were forced to read or we simply loved it. Either way, we have benefited due to it in one or the other way. Few of the book enthusiasts took this forward, brought in the wanna-be book readers, and formed this little world of Book Club, at AtliQ. And this has now become one of the favorite engagement activities in the room. Professional life is always busy, but never too busy to learn something new. Constantly looking for new ways to improve ourselves, we discovered the never-ending passion within the books. In our book club, the employees learn new life lessons and take them back to their desks. When employees read and implement, they share the same with others. This way the overall well-being of the team is improvised.

From the management point of view, the major benefit of a book club is that it strengthens the bond among the employees and contributes to a strong culture. An open free-flowing natural book club increases trust and transparency among the teams. The participants not only learn something new but also learn about each other. An unmonitored book discussion brings in the opportunity to know each other closely. While multiple people read the same book, they end up learning more than what they could learn alone. They can get a glimpse of what their peers found insightful, and thus see things from a new perceptive.

Book Reading Club At Atliq

For an employee, it is a great opportunity to sit around the table in a welcoming environment, encouraging the free flow of ideas and opinions. Not everyone is a reader, but everyone wants to gain knowledge. Such clubs let them be a part of the discussion and thus gain knowledge. Book club discussion will allow them to discover the common grounds and bond better. Members not only try to implement the knowledge but also communicate the pros and cons of the same.

Through book clubs, employees get an opportunity to step up and practice leadership, by leading a group discussion about a particular book or providing book recommendations. The book club fosters scope for personal and professional development, along with creating a sense of ownership.

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