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Book Reading Club

Book Reading Club at AtliQ
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If you survey the habits of top successful people, one habit which will top their list is “Reading Books”. There are many benefits of reading a book which I feel we all are aware of. AtliQers never shy away in starting any new habit.

In this book reading club we decide upon a book and all the readers gather around once a week and have an open discussion about that book. We all present our ideas and what we learnt by reading.This club has helped many of our employees in terms of motivation, confidence, success and many more qualities. It fills them with positivity and gives them a kick pushing themselves in achieving and improving oneself in personal and professional space.

This activity has proved to be a low cost investment in boosting employee engagement. It has helped to create camaraderie among team members since everyone is on the same page. It has built relationships between team members in different departments to develop and grow organically.


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