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Online Ticket Booking Platform


Industry: Entertainment

Key Technology: Node.Js, React Native, Vue.Js

The Project

The traditional way of purchasing tickets for any small or midscale event requires the customer to travel to the actual place where the event will be held, stand in queue, and purchase the ticket. You have no way of knowing if the tickets are still available. It gets even more difficult if a small or midscale event promoter wants to push their event to a wider audience or digitize the ticket sales. This was the motivation behind building the app – allowing people to discover all types of events happening nearby and letting event promoters manage all their events on a single platform.


Solution Offered : Product Development, Web Development, App Development

Technologies Used :

MySQL (Knex & Optional)


Full Stack
Software Engineers






Months of

Key Features

Discovering Nearby Events

A user can find out all the events happening near to his location or a location that he is traveling to and book a ticket.

In Event Ticket Scanning

When tickets are purchased, the site generates a QR code that aids in the ticket verification process. This QR Code can be later used at the event venue to let a person in quickly.

Event Promoters

An event promoter can quickly spin up an account, login and start creating events and sell tickets. A promoter can be set up well under an hour and the simple process of event creation allows literally anybody to create an event.


Manage Multiple Events: Manually managing the ticket sales and promotion of different events was time-consuming for promoters.

Verifying Tickets: Verification of tickets can take time if done manually especially when there is good outflow of tickets.

Offline Tickets for Small or MidScale Events: For small scale event promoters, it was difficult for them to sell and market their events in a good way since their ecosystem was totally offline.

No way to Prebook Tickets: Offline medium doesn’t allow to prebook tickets, hence leading to first come first serve basis to the actual venue.


Discover & Prebook Events

Browse events happening around and pre book tickets online without the hassle of going to the event venue in advance.

One Place to Manage Events

Promoters can easily use a single platform to manage ticket sales, and event promotion, check customers into the event, and view analytics.

Multiplatform Support

With support to access the platform both on the web and mobile, it had a good penetration for the customers the client was intending to reach out to.

Multiple Ticket Type

Promoters can add multiple ticket types for an event which enables customers to choose from various ticket type such as General Admission, VIP, etc.

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