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Small Businesses. Big Wins.

A Game-Changer Vendor Procurement Platform Unlocking Contracts Worth $57M for Small Businesses in 12 Months!


Simplify government contracting for MWBEs and minority-owned firms while boosting agency efficiency.


Developed Alacriti Analytics, streamlining procurement with advanced algorithms.


9 firms secured $57 million in 2023 contracts, showcasing major efficiency gains.

The Platform That Secured 9 Firms $57M in Contracts

Alacriti Analytics is a pioneering platform designed to streamline the vendor procurement process and empower businesses to leverage data-driven insights for maximum revenue growth. Our innovative solution addresses the challenges faced by businesses and government agencies in navigating the complex landscape of contract acquisition and vendor sourcing.

Navigating the $1B+ Government Contract Maze

For many small and minority-owned businesses (MWBEs), as well as veteran and women-owned enterprises, securing government contracts is a time-consuming and costly process. The pre-qualification and Request for Proposal (RFP) phases alone can take several months, requiring extensive legal and accounting support. Conversely, government agencies often struggle to identify qualified vendors that meet their contract spending goals efficiently. The traditional vendor sourcing process is manual, inefficient, and hinders agencies from making timely decisions.

How We Helped This AI-Powered Platform Automated a $100M+ Process?

AtliQ Technologies partnered with subject matter experts to develop Alacriti Analytics, a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the vendor procurement process for businesses and government agencies.

Comprehensive Toolbox: Assessment, Matching, and Coaching

Assessment Module

This module features a proprietary algorithm developed in collaboration with subject matter experts. It evaluates businesses based on various performance parameters, providing valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement. The comprehensive assessment is accessible to businesses themselves, government agencies, and administrators, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Job Board (Contract Board)

This powerful module displays available government contracts and employs an advanced AI-based matching algorithm to connect businesses with relevant opportunities based on their expertise and focus areas. Customizable filters further enhance the job-matching capabilities, ensuring businesses receive tailored recommendations aligned with their goals.

Coaching and Support

Alacriti Analytics provides comprehensive insights and detailed analytics through our platform, enabling businesses to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This empowers them to better understand their client’s needs and tailor their services accordingly, enhancing their prospects of winning contracts. The platform serves as a powerful tool for businesses to continuously refine their offerings and strategic approach, fostering long-term success in a competitive landscape.

Measurable Results and Impact

With the Alacriti Analytics platform, numerous MWBEs and minority-owned firms secured high-value government contracts. In 2023 alone, nine firms secured contracts worth a combined $57 million, a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in bridging the gap between businesses and government agencies.

By automating the vendor procurement process, Alacriti Analytics aims to significantly reduce the workload for procurement managers, streamline the vetting and hiring processes, and empower SMEs to navigate the complex world of government contracting more efficiently. As a result, businesses can save substantial costs associated with legal and accounting services, allowing them to allocate resources more strategically.

Key Achievements In This Project

Developed a proprietary assessment algorithm in collaboration with subject matter experts
Implemented an advanced AI-based job-matching system for accurate contract recommendations
Facilitated $57 million in contract awards for 9 firms in 2023
Accelerated the vendor sourcing process for government agencies


Through the Alacriti Analytics platform, our team has demonstrated its expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including data analytics, automation, and AI, to solve real-world business challenges. We remain committed to developing innovative solutions that empower businesses, streamline processes, and drive growth across various industries while fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

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