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Digitalizing commercial cylinder procurement with 2X resource efficiency.
Bottom-to-top order and account visibility for suppliers and stores.
The Story Behind
Procurebox Product

Efficient commercial cylinder procurement system with supplier and store hierarchy visibility, handling 1000+ invoices, a secure Delivery Boy app, auto-stop on credit limit breaches, and monthly pricing updates from IOCL servers, delivering impactful reports.

Client Expectations

Procurement system for commercial cylinders.

Resources management for suppliers and stores.

To handle 1000+ invoices with integrated accounting and invoicing.

To prevent any fraud at the time of delivery.

Mechanism to auto-stop ordering if credit limit or period is crossed.

Full Stack Engineers
Product Owner
Quality Analysts
Months of Collaboration
The Challenge
What we had to do

Manual Workflow Inefficiencies:

The reliance on manual work resulted in unnecessary financial expenditure and resource waste, including labor, time, and amenities.

Lack of Payment Records:

The dealer and IOCL needed a streamlined system for recording payments related to its business operations.

Absence of Monthly Cylinder Distribution Records:

There were no centralized records of monthly cylinder distribution, making it challenging to monitor and manage.

Ineffective Daily Activity Tracking:

The dealer struggled to track daily activities and gain detailed insights into sales, primarily due to reliance on verbal communication for tasks like order placement.

Fraud Vulnerability:

Facing the possibility of fraud at the delivery end without a track record of purchase and invoicing.

Our Supporting Hands
Technologies We Used
Cracking the Code
What we made possible

Created a procurement system for commercial cylinders

Built features like Top to bottom hierarchy resource management for suppliers and stores

An auto-scaling system with unlimited invoice processing capability

Integration with accounting, invoicing, and E-Invoicing functionality

Created a delivery boy app to mitigate delivery end fraud with an OTP Verification system

Alert indication for due delivery and pending invoices

Mechanism to auto-stop ordering if credit limit or period is crossed

Auto update of cylinder pricing every month from IOCL servers

Impactful cylinder procurement reports

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