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Remedy Space

Your Digital Medical Support


Industry: Medical

Key Technology: React Native, Laravel

The Project

Remedy Space is a place to acquire and share medical-related knowledge. The highlighting features are feeds, forum, like, share, follow, and trending posts based on their liking and preferences. Remedy Space is a very beneficial platform for those who know much about health-related terms like home remedies and easy prescriptions that they want to share with the world.


Solution Offered : App Development

Technologies Used :

OCR - Tesseract
Firebase MLKit


Full Stack
Software Engineers






Months of

Key Features

Pill Reminder

This is the most unique & helpful feature. Set the time for taking pills with a dose and then you will get a reminder for the same.

Follow People and Pages

Following the categories, people, and pages as per your interest and it will show up on your feed when they upload anything.


You can quickly open the camera and capture the medicine prescriptions to auto-fill out the details.

Ask Questions

You can ask about your health-related problems with the option “ASK”. There will be many answers to the various medical queries.

Create Post

Upload the post on the app to share information with its description, the category it falls with hashtags and their followers can read the post.


People forget to take the right medicines at the right time and the right dosage. And also, in the long run, they become so habituated to medicine intake that they forget when to stop the medication.

People tend to forget when they need to refill their medicine.

No centralized medical medium to gain medical-related knowledge.

There was no online medium to consult professionals regarding medical-related issues.



The app allows you to add and manage medicines and get notifications to remind you to take the right medication at the right time in the right dosage.

Complete Historical Data & Analysis

It gives you a full history of all medication and keeps track of your medication schedule through analytics. The analytical report is received based on the data of every medicine intake, skipped and scheduled.

Interactive Platform

Answer questions and share your knowledge related to medicine. Quick response from the medical professionals. Like, Share, Save and, Comment easily on the posts. View the trending posts and get the best health tips.


Remedy Space Pill Reminder allows you to add and manage medicines. You can edit your medication schedule, add new medicines, and remove existing prescriptions. It gives you a full history of all medication and keeps track of your medication schedule through analytics.

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