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HR Digitalization

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Industry: Human Resource

Key Technology: NodeJS, ReactJS

The Project

Maintain Employees Journey over years in a simple map with role-based details with different accomplishments.


Solution Offered : Web Development

Technologies Used :

Windows Server


Full Stack
Software Engineers


Months of

Key Features

Journey Map

Employees can publish, view, download, and request changes for their development employment journey map.

Easy Tracking

HR and managers can keep track of employees with the filtered report feature.

Hard Copy

Employees can download and print their Maps in A3 and A4 format.


No customized map was available that can show the graphical representation of the employee’s development journey map.


Elimination of Manual Work

Before this solution HR needed to manually create a Development journey map in PPT. This reduces HR managers’ pain point of data entry and corrections with additional support for performance tracking.

Easy Assessment

With this solution, employees can publish their journey of self-development in the same or other companies with different educational degrees and accomplishments along with assessments.

Project Snapshots

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