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SaaS School/University Management System

Location:: Worldwide
Key Technology: Laravel & React Native

The Project

This application is a one-stop connecting point for the teachers, parents & students that helped the management keep a track of various verticals such as fees payment, exam schedules, etc.

Classpie Mobile App


Brief idea

For a clear transparency between the school teachers, parents and students we have created an education management software application. This school management system application can be easily access on the smartphones and web panel. With the effective use of Classpie application, handling huge data of students can be a real ease for the management and administration department of educational institutes. With the advanced technology, it’s easy to completely eliminate the paperwork from the schools and college offices.


Key Features


Intelligent analysis is handy when it can be used as an indicator for the educator to examine attendance, assignments, grades, etc, and thus guide the students through.

SMS Notification

Staff can manage the details and it can be parents through the SMS. With this, the parents don’t have to wait for parent-teacher meetings for the updates & performance reviews.

Role-Based Access

The full control over the application remains with the management, whereas the parents, teachers & students have limited access to assignments, results & update notifications.



  • Database Management : The biggest stress of management is the maintenance of endless student records. It’s time consumingly exhausting for the people involved and involves chances of human error and data loss.
  • Transparency in communication : Hectic work schedules make parents miss out on physically attending PTMs. Many times, kids forget to pass on the important updates to their parents.
  • Forecasting performance : Manual data gathering & management delayed the decision & weren’t made on complete analysis.


One point connection

The tiresome information passing between teachers to students to parents, is now made easy & clear.          

Eliminates Paperwork

The tedious paperwork starting from admission to passing out of an individual student can now be maintained digitally.     

Easy Access to huge data

 The huge bulk of student data can be now stored & referred to at ease. 

Fees Management

 The entire fee structure is visible on the online portal, which can be easily monitored by both parents and administrative staff.     



This application became the perfect solution for all educational institutes, by making everything digital & providing ease of use. The collaboration between teacher-student-parents became easy, and as everything is digital the communication cost is also reduced. This automation saves time & energy for the staff member and helps them focus on more productive tasks.   

Project Snapshots


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