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Charlies Plumbing

Internal Work Hour Management application

Location: Houston, Texas
Key Technology: Laravel & React Native
Team Size: 2
Development Time: 15 Days

The Project

The client required an online application that helped track the work of their existing contractors (plumbers) employed by Charlie’s Plumbing Inc.

Charlies Plumbing App Development


Charlie’s Plumbing App helps track the work of their existing contractors (plumbers) employed by the Charlie’s Plumbing Inc.


Key Features

Log History

The work history of all users is available at the management’s fingertips. 

Private Message

Add comments and instructions for each job without having a face-to-face interaction



Contractors are paid by the hour but at the end of a specific period, either a month or a week. The problem that arises due to this is it gets hard to track hours manually on a day to day basis, especially when the contractors are on the field and the Management is in the Office. Also, there are certain activities which needed to be tracked separately like training hours, an hour a contractor put in other than the actual job (e.g. the tyre got punctured when the contractor was commuting). Also, there are certain bonuses associated with each contractor that can only be applied once a day or week.



Work Log

We built a mobile app where the contractors can login and log their work. They can also add tasks if they failed to do so on the last day. This app also gives them an opportunity to track what work they have done in the past two weeks. When a contractor adds his tasks, he has an option to select one of the predefined tasks. This allows him to save time when adding repetitive fixed tasks.

Admin Portal

For the management team, there is an admin portal from where all the contractors can be maintained, task reports can be retrieved and certain amends can be made on the tasks. The admins can download the tasks or work log in simple or aggregated format while applying numerous filters to get data for a date range or for certain teams or contractors.



Easier to manage multiple contractors even when they are in different physical locations. Assigning and managing tasks is quicker and increases efficiency.

Project Snapshots


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