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Advisor To Do

Contingent Workforce Management Solution

Location : India
Key Technology
: Laravel

The Project

This application was developed to be a helping hand for financial firms to digitize to reduce human errors. It also supports customization according to clients’ requirements.

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Advisor To Do is an app that provides assistance to financial firms in becoming digitised along with the customization.

It reduces the workload of human force by reducing the need of manual work. Initially financial firms used to do and manage their work manually.

In performing the task manually, advisors sometimes used to miss certain tasks or tend to forget to follow the fixed procedure.

This app made the work easy for the management and it also exposed the financial firm with customization


Key Features

Reduces Manual Work

 Currently, financial advisors have a huge dependency on manual labor. With this, the chances of error are reduced and the efficiency is increased too.       


As the work is made easy for the management, it also allows them to customize their services.



  • Tedious Manual tasks   
  • Chances of data loss 
  • Difficult Management process 
  • Unable to track the fixed procedure steps


Digitalization of Data

The app created a central database and thus streamlining the organization’s data.

Task Module

 This template aids the management to verify whether the advisors follow the fixed procedure or not.   

Work Tracker

 The task module also helps in tracking the work progress and keeps an eye on every advisor individually.   



The system also increased productivity & enhanced communication. The client was able to make their task management easy, by which they were able to assign and track the assigned tasks more effectively.  

Our team did learn the fundamentals of the finance domain, which turned out to be an amazing experience for us. Few of our members did not have any prior experience with SAAS products, and thus this was an exciting project for them too. 

Project Snapshots


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