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AtliQ RPA development

RPA development plays an important role in increasing work efficiency by streamlining processes and providing an alternative to perform arithmetic, redundant or time consuming tasks.

With the help of automation, technical support can be offered to the workforce in any organisation to promote accountability, transparency and increased work quality. It provides employers with the opportunity to add cost-effective assets to the work force and facilitates the undertakings of all of their employees.

It provides the tools to standardise processes and to enhance the current processes without having to overhaul the existing system. It is easily scalable and provides a quicker way to introduce additional operational skills. It makes the processes more flexible and feasible in the process.


What we do


RPA Bot Development

Our robotic and automation services allow you to create a balance between manual labour and machination. It is a great way to automate standard operating procedures making them faster and achieving higher precision in these processes.


RPA Process Analysis

With our diligent efforts, your business can acquire a coherent system to accurately perform a number of operations ranging from documentation to data entry. It is a great way to enhance performance by providing cost effective support.


RPA Consulting

It is important to identify the processes that can be automated and to administer integration of these technologies in the work environment. Our RPA developers are able to provide seamless solutions which do not digress functionality.


RPA Bot Monitoring

Oversight is important to any seasoned professional, whether it is human resource in your team or the RPA softwares. Real time evaluation by our experts allows assessment of performance, effectiveness and recognising existing challenges.


RPA Bot Support

It is important for industries to automate functions and it is equally important for them to administer its implementation. Our team can help bridge the gap between complex technology and the environment in which they are deployed.


RPA Deployment and Hosting

Once, the RPA bots are designed, we provide the necessary tools to facilitate their functions by providing the right resources such as servers so that they can continue to perform their intended tasks with utmost efficiency.



icon_Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Service

We use this platform to provide service, storage and content delivery services.



We use it to automate chores that are repetitive and time consuming tasks.



A cross platform interface used to automate mouse and keyboard functions.

icon_Flutter Native


Used to generate error free data entry and reporting tool to increase productivity.

icon_Windows Server

Windows Server

Automate redundant tasks to increase cost effectiveness and overall efficiency.


Tesseract OCR

Extensive library used to perform AI functions like text and image recognition.


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