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This is an app world, and if your business isn’t on it, then you’re missing out and your competition will thank you for it! We provide the

mobile app development service

you need to build an app that delivers a positive ROI. But, what makes us the

best app development company?

We hear your idea, absorb its vision and develop something beyond what you dreamed of. We are not a

mobile app development agency

that tries to sell you service, but your partner in the growth. Beyond that, we work hard to ensure that the experience of working with us is one that you’ll want to repeat.

Our Result-driven

App Development Services

We hear your idea, absorb its vision and develop something beyond what you dreamed of. We are not a big agency that tries to sell you service, but your partner in the growth solution.


We help you validate your idea, solve problems, and mark the roadmap for your product’s success, working with a range of approaches discovered over the years.

UI/UX Design

Our designing team has hands-on experience with leading brands from different industries and helps you to embed user-focused design.


Technology might not be your forte- but for us being the top mobile application development company it’s a way of living.


We carry out testing at different stages to ensure a complete review of functionality, and usability.


Once we receive the stamp of approval from the QA team and the client, the website or web app is deployed.


Our mobile app development journey doesn’t stop at launch, but continues even after launch to power you for greater success.

Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Customers often ask how their project will work. At AtliQ Technologies, we have an established process of building mobile applications, covering a range of scenarios based on the project requirements.

Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Crafting a mobile app development strategy based on the business analytics acquired by the company.

Chronicling all technical requirements and details to make sure the roadmap is feasible.

This phase includes creating the sketch, wireframes, prototype, and final app skins.

The coding of the front-end and back-end segments of the design.

Testing all the functionalities to make sure it meets the requirements of the project.

Publishing to the app store, updating the app from time to time, maintaining infrastructure, etc.

Why Choose AtliQ

Whether you have a start-up or an established business, our expert team can provide custom software solutions that are suitable for your enterprise.

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360° Approach
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Android and Ios App Development

Case Studies

Examples of our previous work

We don’t just do the talking. In fact, with years of experience and exciting case studies under our belt, we’re pretty confident we can walk the walk too.

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FAQs for Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the creation of software apps for smartphones and tablets. It involves planning, coding, testing, and deployment for iOS or Android. Developers use languages like Swift, Java, or Kotlin and tools like React Native or Flutter. The goal is user-friendly interfaces, performance optimization, and responsiveness. Regular updates and maintenance keep the app functional and adapt to changes. Mobile app development enhances device functionality and provides engaging experiences.

AtliQ Technologies offers mobile app development services with expertise in various platforms and frameworks. We provide customized solutions, prioritize user experience, and specialize in cross-platform development. With a focus on quality assurance and timely delivery, we also offer post-development support.

The cost of mobile app development in 2023 varies based on factors like app complexity, platform, features, design, location, and timeline. Simple apps may cost around $10,000-$50,000, while complex ones can exceed $100,000. Actual costs depend on project specifics and development partners.

To choose a mobile app development platform, follow these steps:

  • Identify your app requirements.
  • Research available platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, cross-platform frameworks).
  • Consider target audience and market share.
  • Evaluate development skills and resources.
  • Consider cost and time considerations.
  • Assess user experience and performance.
  • Evaluate community and ecosystem support.
  • Consider scalability and future growth.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a mobile app development platform.

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