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Data Analytics and AI

While data is the most powerful tool a company can possess, it is important to utilize it correctly to create a coherent and intelligible database in a shorter time duration. Our data analytics and AI solutions implement algorithms based on the concept of probability to arrive at the intended result.

With the help of artificial intelligence solutions we have automated entry-level tasks to reduce the workload on your employees or curtail your business’ dependence on munal oversight for various tasks such as communication and data entry- allowing quicker solutions and responses with greater accuracy.

These tools create highly effective and accurate action oriented systems. It is the strategizing tool that provides the highest return on investment.


What we do

Custom Data Pipelines
An effective tool to manage data and streamline the storage of data. It is a process that uses an array of technologies that creates a defined structure to allow collection of data from various sources while increasing the consistency.
Custom Dashboards
Custom dashboards allow a business to probe into their performance real-time, allowing you to take swift and direct actions when they are required. It helps you to stay informed about your functions and make more calculated decisions.
Data Visualization & Analytics
It provides a coherent method to simplify and present complex data, while allowing you to identify the patterns that influence your company’s performance, getting insight into your functionality and draw attention to problem areas.
Image Processing
It is an effective way to extract required information from various types of visual sources. It automates the task of processing and interpreting important data which in turn enhances the effectiveness and accuracy of these functions.
For businesses that deal with voluminous documentation and need to process large amounts of printed information, OCR helps automate the process of data extraction, which in turn allows the companies to aim for better and quicker results.
This is an effective way to streamline communications with clients and consumers alike to support various parts of the businesses and strengthen your relations. Automation in this regard is cost effective and time saving.

Our Work

Customer Analytic System

Customer Analytic System

Our customer analytic system can deliver the best customer insights necessary to deliver the output as per their choice. The system is highly compatible.
Task Management

Task Management

Taskpro is a task management software that replaces the older ways of managing multiple manual works. The software is built on Cloud-based technology platform.


For clear transparency between the school teachers, parents and students we have created an education management software application.
OSI Smart process tracker

OSI Smart process tracker

Brief idea OSI is one of the leading companies dealing in the business verticals of immigration and visa consultancy.


  • Python
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • MySQL
  • OpenCV
  • Rabbitmq
  • Flask
  • Docker
Python Icon


Provides a framework for machine learning tools by providing the right packages.
Numpy Icon


A social media platform to establish and maintain a communication channel.
Pandas Icon


A data analysis library providing the right tools to scrutinize data collected. Google Tesseract OCR- an extensive OCR library that improves the accuracy of character recognition.
MySQL Icon


Data management system that allows effective collection and storage of data.
OpenCV Icon


A language that provides infrastructure to build applications for machine vision.
Rabbitmq Icon


A software that creates a platform for the transfer of messages in your application.
Flask Icon


A framework that provides libraries and tools to design a web application.
Docker Icon


It is a container used to pack, ship and run applications, providing portability.

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