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Gas Cylinder Distribution and
Management System

Location : India
Key Technology: Laravel & React Native
Team Size: 9
Development Time: 550 Days

The Project

AtliQ developed software for Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL), to track the distribution of cylinders, daily processes, the task list, progress, and sales insights.

Procurebox Application


Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL), known as Indian Oil and is the largest commercial company in the country. It has 9100 distributors in more than 6250 towns and has 45 Indane Area Offices. They wanted an enterprise mobile application to help them streamline their data and optimize their distribution channels.


Key Features

Role-Based Access

All orders can be traced based on proper hierarchy. The respective authorities can keep track of the orders. This helps reduce clutter and increases ease of use.

Concerned Person Receives Notification

Concerned person receives notification for the placed, delivered, and pending orders. This makes it easier to manage both resources and delivery timelines.



  • Reported an unnecessary expenditure of finances and amenities for tracking business
  • The client had no streamlined log of payments for their business
  • There were no centralized records of the monthly distribution of cylinders


Tracking of Daily Activities

Concerned persons receive a notification when a cylinder is booked and delivered.

Detailed Insights of Sales

With streamlined data, the app provides detailed insights represented visually to help understand and effectively scale the business.

Digitized and Centralised Accounts

Since the distributor, buyer, and vendor information is available on the app with a log of payments, it makes it easy to manage accounts.



Previously IoCL employed a team of 15 to manage their accounts, and daily activity logs and assign delivery tasks. However, Procurebox helped digitize the process, helping the organization save time as well as resources.

Project Snapshots


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