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Importance of Celebrations in Corporate Culture

Importance of celebrations in corporate culture
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In our Indian culture, there is a huge importance of celebrations whether it’s a festival, marriage time, anniversary, birthday, business opening, or if someone goes abroad. It’s true, we celebrate each moment to live our life.

“Life is a Festival of celebration.”

– Anthony T. Hincks

There is the significant importance of celebrations incorporate companies too. At AtliQ, we value each achievement and celebrate as if it is a festival, a big festival. We celebrate what we have instead of worrying about what we don’t have. We just need a small reason to celebrate. We celebrate everything starting from.

Sometimes we celebrate for no reason, why do we need reason all the time to celebrate. The celebration is an essential key to life and it gives you tremendous energy. We celebrate because whatever we have, we are lucky to have it. It gives us the motivation to achieve more. This kind of small gesture helps our team members to enjoy their work truly and achieve milestones with more energy and effort.

employee work anniversary

If a candidate completes his work anniversary, we celebrate for his faith and support for a year, for our bonding over a year and a new journey for the upcoming years. Through celebration, we give him best wishes for more challenges and more opportunities. When you give them a small reason to celebrate, they get more inspired, more energetic, more focused on achieving their goals. A happy employee is more productive and efficient and they can focus on their objective.

Celebration of the employee’s birthday let them know that they are family and special for the organization. It helps them to understand that they are valuable to the organization. When you celebrate their birthdays at the office, it gives them a feeling of having an extended family and you are their extended family.

When our team completes a project, rather than giving them a list of mistakes they have made, we celebrate what they have achieved during the project development period. We love the wonderful saying “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”. Every day they are helping us to move forward towards our bright future so each day has to be a celebration irrespective of reasons.

We have recently given the best performance award to our office boy because his presence adds a lot more value in our daily working hours. Many times, corporate companies appraise their managers and team members only. For us, each member of the company is equally important. We appraised him for his sincere and hard efforts which fulfill our daily needs whether it is getting food from outside, cleaning our desks, serving us tea/coffee/snacks, or any small task. He proves himself very efficient in his work area and we highly respect him so we celebrate the same.

Conclusion: Celebrations are not one day or a few hour’s events, it is an event which gives people more reason to live, more reason to work, the reason to achieve more. AtliQ truly admires each moment our employees spend with us. We celebrate every moment with our extended family and try to highlight that this kind of corporate culture is also there and we are keeping it alive.

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