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Onboarding and Offboarding Process in Our Organization

On Boarding and Off Boarding Process at AtliQ
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Every organization works with its own sets of rules and regulations and they have their own hiring procedure and standards. It is essential to have an onboarding process so that it becomes easy to assign tasks to the employees. Same way, the exit process also needs to be very efficient in order to reassign the task to someone else and manage workload.

At AtliQ, we have set up a very efficient On-boarding process with some interesting factors to let people be more happy and productive from day one of their joining.

Employees in organization

On-Boarding Process

  1. A person who got an offer letter will be sent an official invitation prior to their joining stating their joining date and time along with their reporting head name, phone no and email ID.
  2. Also, they have detailed information related to the project/task they will be performing on the first day.
  3. There is a one-hour induction session on the first day conducted by HR to let the person know the organizational hierarchy, basic detail about on-going projects, company vision, and HR policies. All the questions of the person will be answered during that session.
  4. HR will introduce new joinee on the floor where he/she will be given a short introduction of the entire team. The new joinee will also receive a brief introduction about the team he/she will be working with.
  5. The Project Manager will assign some tasks to the new joinee on the first day with all the necessary information.
  6. For an initial, two weeks, HR will do some regular conversation for a few minutes with new joinee related to any general query he/she is having.
  7. The project manager will do one short review weekly to understand his/her technical needs related to project or technology.
  8. HR will assure to give new joinee some other task so he/she can have his/her own comfort zone in the initial few days only as some activities may need support from different team members and new joinee has to take help from them. That is one of the ice-breaking ways by which he/she can interact easily with the rest of the people.
  9. New joinee has to participate in non-technical activities if he/she joins as a technical person.

Providing offer letter

Exit Process

  1. If anyone resigns from the company we allow them to leave in a maximum of one week with all necessary arrangements.
  2. He/she needs to explain everything related to his/her ongoing work to his/her project manager. If needed, he/she needs to explain tasks to a person who is going to perform those tasks.
  3. We will always assure that person who is going to relieve won’t get any hurdle in the exit process.
  4. On the last day of his work, he/she will be given all the letters like experience letter and all.
  5. The project manager will make sure to reset all the credentials used by that person to take care of data confidentiality.
  6. The project manager along with the CEO/Director gives him/her best wishes as we never consider any exit as an End.

We believe that Hiring any person is like getting married to that person for the tenure he/she will be with you so you have to give them all necessary treatment where a person feels like he/she is at home. Our purpose is to give them comfort and the environment from day one to assure great productivity and efficiency. In IT, a number of hours do not matter. We need to focus on productive hours. We have to consider them as a family and to take care of their all genuine concern is the responsibility of management. If someone is exiting from the organization they are leaving professional ground but you should have contact with them on the personal ground because you never know when and where you both can help each other in any way.


“The first impression is the last impression”. If you treat an employee like humans and always give them respect whether it’s their joining or exit, you shall always be the most successful business and your image in the employee market will let you enhance your level of success.

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