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“Unlock Success Together: Elevate Your Professional Growth.”

Welcome to e-Network,

Where career dreams take flight!

In a corporate landscape dominated by AWS, GDC, and other tech communities, AtliQ’s e-Network stands out as the much-needed non-tech hub. Here, individuals can delve into the real lessons of professional growth, transcending technicalities to explore the psychological aspects crucial for a thriving career.

Our Mission:

“Empowering professionals with essential skills and fostering a thriving community.”

Mental Framework Workshop

Mental Framework Workshop

  • 28th October 2023
  • 301/6/7, Ocean Complex, Nr. Genda Circle, Vadiwadi, Vadodara
  • Bhavin Patel (Founder AtliQ Technologies)
E-network Transform

How Can e-Network Transform
Your Professional Life?

Learn from Everyday Experiences: Discover how to find valuable lessons in your daily life.

Make a Lasting Impact at Work: Figure out how to leave a lasting impression in your workplace.

Discover Hidden Keys to Success: Find out about powerful strategies often overlooked on the path to success.

Grow by Helping Others: Learn how a selfless approach to work can lead to personal and professional growth.

Get Inspired by Real Stories: Draw motivation from real stories of people who overcame challenges and found success.

Ready to elevate your mental model and embark on a journey of growth? 🚀

Join us at e-Network and stay tuned for more updates!

Benefits of the e-Network Community

As a member, you’re not just joining a group; you’re stepping into an ecosystem designed to empower and inspire. e-Network community is a place where unlocking knowledge, expanding networks, and continuous learning converge to shape your professional success.

Benefits of the e-Network Community

World of Knowledge:

Gain access to a treasure trove of insights from seasoned professionals.

Expand Your Network:

Connect with professionals from various companies to learn about different work cultures and different mindsets.

Continuous Learning:

Stay updated with the latest trends and lessons for ongoing professional development.

Participate in Challenges:

Be a part of quarterly challenges to learn about your mental model, strengths & weaknesses, proactiveness, decision-making capabilities, and many more important personal characteristics.


e-Network is the FIRST employee non-tech community in Vadodara, focusing on psychology for building robust mental models. It provides a unique platform for professionals from AtliQ and other companies to share their experiences and knowledge, transcending technical boundaries for holistic professional growth.

While there are many tech communities like AWS and GDC, e-Network addresses the need for a non-tech community. It delves into the psychological aspects of professional development, offering real-life lessons and insights often overlooked in traditional tech-centric communities.

Joining e-Network can transform your professional life by:

  • Unlocking lessons from daily life.
  • Learning to leave a lasting impact at your workplace.
  • Discovering common yet underestimated success secrets.
  • Embracing selfless corporate living.
  • Triumphing over odds through compelling case studies.

e-Network is open to:

  • IT Professionals.
  • Individuals interested in exploring the psychology behind professional growth.
  • Anyone seeking a non-tech community focused on holistic career development.

e-Network operates through a simple yet impactful process:

  • Professionals share their experiences and insights.
  • Members engage in learning sessions to gain valuable perspectives.
  • Networking opportunities allow members to connect with like-minded individuals.

Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming sessions on our platform. To attend, simply register for the session, and you’ll receive all the details to join the event.
We invite limited individuals so you may receive a confirmation on your email before an event.

No, joining e-Network is completely free. We believe in the power of shared knowledge and aim to create an inclusive community for professionals to learn and grow together.

If you have valuable experiences and insights to share, we welcome you to become a speaker at e-Network. Please reach out to us through the contact form on our platform, and our team will get in touch with you.

No, e-Network is not limited to professionals in Vadodara. While our community is based in Vadodara, professionals from any location are welcome to join. Currently, e-Network does not have an online platform, but we are working towards creating a virtual space that will allow knowledge sharing to transcend geographical boundaries. Stay tuned for updates on our online platform development.

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