Work from Home: Advantages and Disadvantages

Have you ever thought working from an office is more important or being productive is more important? Is working from home is more productive? There are so many questions that arise in our minds when we think about work from home. The questions develop in the mind of both employers as well as employees. When you sit back and analyze every aspect you will realize it has its advantages as well as disadvantages. In the present scenario when there is a pandemic out in the world every possible sector has adopted work from home to ensure the safety of everyone.

It is important to understand first sitting back and working as a freelancer and being a part of an organization and doing their job from home, these two have a completely different working system and can’t be compared with each other. As we are an organization that is not practicing work from home so we will focus from that point of view.

Work from home has its positive as well as negative side so let us start from what are the benefits which the employer and employees both can gain out of it.

Advantages of work from home.

Advantages of Work from home:

  1. It is not necessary that every employee stays near or in the same city, there may be chances that some of the employees stay far or in the outskirts or in the nearby city so they need a lot of time to travel from their place to the office which is one or the other way wastage of time because during those hours you are not doing anything productive. Traveling for long hours also make you feel tired and decreases your productivity. Whereas in the case of work from home commutation time is saved and that duration can be used in some other work. It also eliminates the possibility of getting tired because of commutation which helps to increase productivity.
  2. Sitting back at your own house according to your needs and the place of comfort is what you get when you are working from home.
  3. You have the flexibility to work at any time in which you can be more productive and can perform the task efficiently and effectively. You have an opportunity to plan out your way of working and execute accordingly. But in the other case, you have a fixed place and fixed working hours in which you have to work.
  4. It is easier to balance both your personal as well as professional life as you have time to concentrate on both.
  5. Working alone in your comfortable environment in your own plan out way helps to concentrate more and make the work easier.
  6. When you work from an organization there is a fixed timing of lunch and in some offices, it is not allowed to eat anything except during lunch hours. Whereas taking small breaks and having snacks in between can be really helpful to be productive which is generally not allowed in every corporate office.
  7. It is one of the ways to get relaxed from the monotonous and hectic routine. It assists to explore different ways to execute the work.

It is not possible to have something which is only beneficial it is also having the other side and now let us focus on it. So, these are some of the disadvantages of work from home.

Disadvantages of work from home

Disadvantages of Work from home:

  1. Lack of proper communication, more time is consumed in communication using apps or social media. Wastage of more time, work process becomes tedious and it leads to loss of concentration and interest.
  2. As there is a flexibility of working at any time it creates hurdle in coordinating the work. If the works are interdependent than it is very difficult to manage the task. The works become difficult as all the employees are not available at the same point to communicate.
  3. The whole communication process is reliable on the use of the internet, failure of it can reduce productivity and sometimes results in zero work.
  4. Working in an office with colleagues brings more fun as you can interact with them in between your work and it freshen ups your mind which is not possible in the case of work from home.
  5. The corporate environment helps us to work better because everyone is working over there and we don’t get distracted.
  6. It is easy to communicate in the office and having a face to face conversation is more effective.

Every organization can implement work from home as per their needs. They can implement it as per their convenience. We have mentioned some of the patterns:

  • 4 days a month
  • Every Friday of a week
  • Every alternate Friday
  • 15th and 30th of the month

For getting productive while WFH, there has to be some process like standup meeting, regular code review, following tasks assigned, managing a team through some useful tool, etc.

Conclusion: An organization grows only when the employees can be productive and their productivity increases when they are satisfied and happy. Employee satisfaction is the key to success. Work from home is one of the ways in which they can be more productive but there is always a chance that their productivity can get decreased. So, it is completely in the hands of the employer and the employee how to take it, an opportunity to grow by removing the hindrances or to decrease productivity by getting caught with the hurdles.