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Moon Tower Tickets

The traditional way of purchasing tickets for any small or midscale event requires the customer to travel to the actual place where the event will be held, stand in queue, and purchase the ticket.

Fraud Analytics

Built a heuristics-based GOFAI engine to process & analyze all the transactions, and get a bird’s eye view to highlight frauds and discrepancies.

Retail Sales Performance Analytics

Nobody in the retail organization has complete insight into what is happening across multiple hierarchies – of course, everyone has a general overview of one side – but not in-depth.

OSI Task Management

Managing tasks was a tiring job and tracking down every employee and regulating their work was becoming very difficult.

Stack Mobility

Managing Subscriptions based model in Parking management system in automated carousels using PLC board API over the local network along managing multiple locations over the country.


Maintain Employees Journey over years in a simple map with role-based details with different accomplishments.

Charlies Plumbing

Charlies Plumbing is a large emerging service provider in industries for plumbing and many more services.

Gurbani Darpan

This app is a try to provide an effortless virtual tool to augment Gurbani recitals across the world. It includes Sehaj Paath and Santhia of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


The client wanted to make a solution for tracking the workers’ active hours in their geo-location and pay effectively to workers based on their working hours.

Advisor To Do

This application was developed to be a helping hand for financial firms to digitize to reduce human errors.

Quite Clear

Thirdinrev is a software designed to let orthodontists and dental professionals order Clear Aligners and 3D Models.
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