Which one is better? Angular JS vs Node JS

For the continuous growth of the business, every entrepreneur thinks of developing a web application. Most of the entrepreneur lookout for a good framework that makes their website looks amazing. According to present market trends, both Angular JS and Node JS framework are very much popular for building feature-rich cross-platform and interactive JavaScript-based applications. While both the frameworks are entirely different from each other but the usage of technical techniques such as AJAX, DHTML and DOM scripting is the same.

The Angular JS is having a model-view-whatever (MVW) framework while it supports the Model-View-View Mode too. On the opposite, Node JS has model-view-controller (MVC) architecture often called an event-driven architecture.

Here, we have discussed the top-notch differences between Node and Angular JS:

  • For the client application development of a single-page, Angular JS is more preferable as well as Node JS is used for building server-side applications.
  • The developers need to separately install Angular JS in the PC. They can simply add the Angular JS file and use it for their applications. On the same NodeJS needs to separately install in PC for use in web applications.
  • In Angular JS a proper syntax is required while in Node JS the JavaScript engine is being used.
  • Node JS is written in C, C++, and JavaScript languages and Angular JS is completely written in JavaScript.
  • Angular JS has an open-source web application development framework being developed by Google. On the other hand, Node JS is built on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and has a cross-platform run time environment system.

Benefits of using Node JS and Angular JS:

  • For the creation of web and chat application, Node JS is very much helpful as this framework assist the mobile support and browser compatibility.
  • Angular JS is mainly used for the creation of a single-page client-side application. For making the website interactive and for data-driven application, through Angular JS framework, we can add dynamic views.
  • With the enchanting features of Filters, Directives and automatic data binding in NodeJS, the developers don’t need to write lengthy codes.
  • The speed of Angular JS is very fast and complex tasks can be easily solved within a minimum time period. With a lacking IE 8 support, Angular JS is not considered good for cross-platform hybrid application development.