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Top 5 WordPress security plugins: Prevent your website from getting hacked

Top 5 Wordpress security plugins Prevent your website from getting hacked
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WordPress is one of the most popular open-source platforms for content management. But, due to the security issues such as weak passwords, plugin vulnerabilities, and obsolete software WordPress sites are frequently getting hacked by spammers and hackers. Thus, it is very much essential to secure the website and make it secure from the trap of hackers. Almost 26 % of the website uses WordPress and more than 500 WordPress websites are being made life every day. With thousands of customized templates, plugins, and themes available for free usage, it is one of the most endorsed website development platforms by entrepreneurs. The most admiring fact is all the WordPress free security plugins are the most downloaded WordPress plugins by users.

Here, we have discussed the top five WordPress plugins that are good for the security purpose of the WordPress site:

1. Wordfence security
It is one of the most popular security plugins that is having a rating of 4.9 and is having more than one million downloads. For the IP blocking, login security, firewall, monitoring, and security checking, it is the best WordPress security plugin. The most enchanting feature of the Wordfence plugin is WiWAF (Web Application Firewall) that identifies malicious traffic and blocks their IP addresses.

2. Bulletproof security
Through the BulletProof WordPress Security module, all the protection issues such as SQL infusion, CRLF, XSS, RFI, and code infusion hacking can be handled by a single click arrangement. For viewing and monitoring all the transferred files on WordPress it is the best security plugin. Adjacently, the history of entire logins attempts, email cautions for an assortment of clients, and alerts for speculated pernicious movement are some of the premium features of BulletProof security plugin.

3. All in one WordPress security
It is one of the most popular security plugins that prevent WordPress hacks. Through the installation of this plugin it easy to protect the vulnerable areas of a website that is having the highest probability of getting hacked. With this plugin installed a limit over the login attempts can be created. On the basis of users IP addresses, there is a setting to blacklist and detect the file changes made by any unauthorized person. Apart from it, there are a number of other enchanting features in this plugin.

4. iThemes security
By getting 30 + distinct methods to safeguard your WordPress site from the hackers, it is the best plugin to install. In both premium and free versions, the theme’s plugin can be easily accessed. For the two factor authentication, logging actions, monitoring core files, and forcing the user to create strong passwords are some of the top-notch functionality features that iThemes Security plugin gives to the user.

5. Sucuri security
For security reasons such as malware protection, blacklist monitoring, file honesty monitoring, website firewall, effective security hardening and file integrity monitoring the free Sucuri plugin is a complete suite for the security protection of your website. All the activities done on the WordPress site are being tracked and what changes have been made by which the user can also be viewed out.

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