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Top 5 tips for hiring PHP developers

Top 5 tips for hiring PHP developers
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A developer is a very preeminent part of a Company as he is the only person who has the capability of transforming your ideas into a fully functioning scalable website. Here we are sharing some tips for hiring PHP developers.

Hiring the right PHP developer is significantly important and it should not be related to only technology and coding. The hired dedicated PHP developer should be a person who is able to understand your business to the core and can assist you in doing strategic planning for future development and growth. There are three levels of PHP developers i.e. beginners, middle, and advanced. If your requirement is only of a basic level or some tweaking changes only, then it is good to hire a beginner who has 1-2 years of experience in PHP language. But, if your requirements are big such as website creation from scratch then an experienced PHP programmer is a must to hire for fulfilling your requirements.

1. Knowledge level

Don’t ask triggered questions in the interview that can be easily found on Google such as when was the PHP language was invented, who discovered it, and what was its previous history. Try to ask open-ended PHP questions in the interview process such as which are the designing patterns you have used till now, the major differences between object-oriented and component-based design, or how to resolve managing conflicts when multiple persons are working on the same data.

2. Should have a good aptitude

Hire the best PHP developer who is willing to learn new technologies and work on them. During the entire hiring process ask them the questions like which programming language they have recently learned, in which companies did they have done the training and what are the steps that they are doing to learn more about PHP language like attending conferences.

3. Good communication skills

Good communication skills and fluency in the English language should be a must for a PHP developer. During the conversation with a client over Skype, audio, video, phone, web, or email it is very necessary to understand the clients’ requirements and provide the solutions in the same way as needed from the client-side.

4. Start through a small project

After hiring give a small project to the newly hired PHP developer and start identifying the working efficiency of the person. There are always deadlines scheduled for every project completion. If the candidate is able to deliver a bug-free project then we can say the performance of the employee is very good. Plus whether he has done some creativity while delivering the solution should also be significantly noted.

5. Work experience

There are various factors such as determination, curiosity, and persistence that are necessary for creating a good culture in the company. If you hire an experienced developer who has previously worked in a big MNC company, then there will be very fewer traits that the person will be adaptable, risk-taking, and a self-starter which doesn’t suit the start-up environment. Therefore, it is very much vital to understand which type of person is best fitted for your working culture.

The ideal candidate to be hired must be the one having in-depth knowledge of PHP as well as HTML language. Adjacently, the person must have done the work over CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, and other frameworks too.

Before hiring any candidate it is very much vital to have clear-cut communication between both the side of the employer and the aspirant. It is better to clearly understand all the terms and conditions in the initial stage before signing and going into a contract.

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