Success Stories

Story of Success,
Method of Practice

AtliQers have worked on many projects to create tailor-made technological solutions to serve various purposes such as streamline data, increase efficiency, or perform a certain task. This helps the management process, reduces the workload on employees and even increases precision or customer experience.

Our diligent efforts teamed with our experience and knowledge cannot be paralleled and our testimonials are witness to this feat.

Our Work & Portfolio

Application Development

Gurbani Darpan

We have created various software solutions such as Gurbani Darpan which serves the purpose of Gurbani recital for people of the Sikh Faith. It achieves many other purposes such as providing the right pronunciation and recital for Sehaj Path as well.

Gurbani Darpan Mobile APP by AtliQ
gurbani darpan Mobile app development
Gurbani Darpan Mobile APP by AtliQ

Software Development


Procurebox is a project we developed for the IOCL in order to streamline the requests and the delivery of fuel-gas cylinders for household and commercial purposes. It has helped keep track of the daily activities, add transparency, and made it easier to observe individual as well as the organisation’s performance.

Procurebox Web APP by AtliQ

Application Development

Remedy Space

AtliQers have also created RemedySpace which is a pill reminder and a medical forum. Its roaring success helped us bag the opportunity to create the next version.

Remedy Space Mobile APP by AtliQ
Remedy Space Mobile APP by AtliQ
Remedy Space Mobile APP by AtliQ

Software & Application Development

Patidar Groceries

AtliQ has also created various software platforms for businesses such as Patidar groceries where we helped them create an online store and a digital inventory for their business.

Patidar Grocery Application Developmet AtliQ Technologies

Projects like Visa 360, and OSI smart process tracker to improve the efficiency of various consulting firms whose businesses rely on visa applications and their due processing. We streamlined their data system and helped them assign daily tasks using a technological platform. It has helped them keep a track of pending queries, questions, and the status of each application with great ease.

Apart from these solutions we also provide services such as SMS campaigning that act as an automated salesman or the task management system which uses cloud computing to help one schedule their engagements.

VISA360 AtliQ Project

Visa 360

OSI AtliQ Project

OSI Smart Process Tracker

Cloint SMS Campaign AtliQ Project

SMS Campaign