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Push Notifications: Unacknowledged Aspect in App Engagement and Retention

Push Notifications
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“INR 30000.00 credited to A/C No. 641364XX on July 16, 2023, at 08:56:25 IST.”

Just imagine! A user receives such push notifications in the morning as the first thing on his phone app. He must feel pleased every time such push notifications pop up.

It is just an example of how push notifications play a vital role in users’ lives. Also, It offers a broad scope for app engagement and retention. These notifications are messages sent to users’ phone apps, web apps, or other digital platforms. Even if the device is not in use, these notifications pop up as a reminder or just an acknowledgment for some services to make them re-engage with or retain the mobile apps.

Are Push Notifications and General Notifications the Same? 

Push notifications are alerts delivered to a user’s device, generally a smartphone or computer, by a central server or application without the user especially asking for the information at that precise moment. These notifications are “pushed” to the device to notify the user of pertinent updates, events, or information from an app or service. They frequently come with a sound, vibration, or visual alert. 

While push notifications are a specific form of notice sent directly to the user’s device, general notifications are a broader phrase that includes a variety of notifications. It includes alerts, messages, updates, reminders, and more, which can be presented to users through different means, such as email, text messages, in-app banners, pop-ups, and more. 

Why Do You Need Push Notifications?

Push notifications are an important and extremely effective formation in today’s digital communications for the apps and services you use. Along with the information, it is the ideal way to keep your customers engaged and acknowledge actions taken, the next steps, and what new things they can do with it. 

Let us examine how push notifications help users engage with and stick with your app. As well as how to best use them to build lasting relationships with your users as an app development company.
Re-engagement Through Personal Notifications: Push notifications can send personalized content recommendations based on user preferences and behavior. App developers can dramatically improve the probability of re-engaging and maintaining users by customizing alerts to fit the interests and needs of specific users.

Transaction Activities and Behaviors: Push notifications to assist in response to particular user behaviors or activities. App developers can direct users through their experience and motivate desired behaviors. 

Relative and Contextual Information: Push notifications help users have timely and up-to-date information. Mobile developers know that it will keep users activated and trigger them back to the app if, by chance, they have left.

E-commerce and Communication: E-commerce companies and users can communicate effectively through push notifications. It helps to remind appointments, shipping updates, order status updates, or even personalized messages to improve customer service. 

Easy Access to Complex Phone Apps: Push notifications can direct users to particular app features or areas. Notifications are handy to guide users on a particular website or action by inserting deep links, increasing the likelihood of engaging. 

Offers and Rewards: Push notifications can send app users tailored promotions, deals, or incentives. Personalized notifications help to learn individual preferences using user data, such as purchase history, browsing habits, or loyalty program membership. 

Feedback and Reviews: Sending push notifications about feedback and reviews ensures the user has all hands on the service and how much they like or dislike the services.

Acknowledgment: Push notifications are an easy way to acknowledge service, action, or purchase users made. It confirms that users have taken a particular action and what they should expect in a follow-up process.


Benefits of Push Notifications

How Can You Leverage the Benefits of Push Notifications?

Now that you know what push notifications are and why they are essential in retention and App engagement, you will think about how those notifications can help you if you need an application for your users. 

Social Media Apps 

  • With the boom of social media in recent times, personalized Push Notifications and understanding how they can help your users engage is necessary. 
  • Time-sensitive notifications with content discovery, event reminders, user engagements, and personalized suggestions are essential when you run a social media business. 
  • For instance, you have one social site and want to update users on new features or relevant content updated by their connections. You can use push notifications to claim engagements back. 

E-commerce Apps 

  • Push notifications enhance user happiness by delivering timely and pertinent information. They can be accessible to run surveys, answer client questions, and collect feedback, allowing two-way contact. 
  • App developers can promote a sense of trust, loyalty, and engagement among their user base by setting up a frictionless communication mechanism. The unsubscription rate of e-commerce is the lowest compared to software and SAAS companies surveyed by VWO Engage. 

Dating Apps 

  • “You have got a new match”. A user can experience excitement and joy when this push notification pops up. When users match with someone, they immediately receive notifications, which thrill them and motivate them to start a conversation.
  • In a way, push notifications can help you gain retention from your users. It is by providing updates of new matches, chat messages, profile likes, new user suggestions, reminders for inactivity, event notifications, special occasion reminders, and security alerts. 

Productivity Apps  

  • These apps include a bunch of tools to help with planning, time management, teamwork, and goal-setting. 
  • Your users can leverage the benefits of Push Notifications for App Engagement through task management, calendar integration, time tracking, goal setting, reminders, and more. These will help you bring your user’s attention to the app and retain it. 

Wellness Apps 

  • Apps for wellness assist and encourage various facets of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 
  • These apps provide users with resources, tools, and features to manage stress, maintain healthy routines, cultivate mindfulness, and improve overall quality of life. 
  • Push notifications for such apps can help your users track some of the crucial aspects such as meditation and mindfulness reminders, physical activity tracking, nutrition and diet, stress management, and more. 

Educational Apps 

  • It includes Some facilities for learning and providing valuable educational content through digital platforms. 
  • Push notifications for their scheduled content, subject variety, adaptive learning, progress tracking, offline access, and other features can all encourage students to use an app more frequently. 

So, now, as you know bundle of aspects regarding Push Notifications and how they can retain users. It’s time to work on it for your app. 

Let’s change your retention game with Push Notifications. 

Apart from that, there are many other ways users can leverage the advantage of push notifications, and so app developers and app marketers. 

We at Atliq Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading software and mobile app development company in the USA understand better how to retain customers for your apps and what other features work for the best of your interest and engagement for your customers. By adhering to the knowledge and dedicated, experienced designers and developers team, we provide personalized solutions for the users for the above reasons. 

Leveraging our expertise and dedication, we help businesses embrace intellectual designs and strategic advantages. By collaborating with us, companies can ensure their presence in the market and foster inclusive digital realms.

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