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Lunch Hours

Lunch Hours at AtliQ Technologies
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At AtliQ, every hour is fun. It becomes difficult to find a dull moment here. Well if you think that breaks are a private moment, have a look at our lunch hours. We have amazing lunch breaks where we don’t just spend time having our lunch but having lots of discussion on various topics. That hour is full of fun, joy, and a lot more.

The family that eats together stays together. Apart from being the one hour where you can replenish your energy and get a hearty meal, it’s also the time to leave your work behind and take a much-needed break in the middle of the day. The lunch hour at AtliQ is made of numerous delicacies, hilarious jokes, interesting conversations, and the joy of sitting down and having a meal with your second family. The lunch hour at AtliQ has proven to be a great stress buster and a way to create strong bonds over a shared meal. It brings out the hidden foodie in all of us, as we reach out to get a bite from our favorite colleague’s lunch box.

Keeping our cultural roots intact, we all sit down on the office floor to have food. From sharing our lunch boxes to endless humorous talks, our filled bellies definitely ache at the end of the break. We enjoy various dishes from many lunch boxes. We also love to share our stories and routines during this hour. This activity increases our bonding as extended family.

This activity has given us all an opportunity to relax and take a break from work. In addition, the co-workers build social relationships and this has ultimately brought the team closer to each other.

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