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Importance of Internship for the Students and Organizations

Importance of internship for the students and organizations
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The young generation is the future of the nation. Everyone is aware of this truth but the real question is do they get a proper platform to sustain in this competitive world? Our research on the current education system says that “There is more concentration on theory portions as compared to the practical”. Due to this poor education system, freshers are not getting the appropriate opportunity to enroll themselves in corporate industries. We at AtliQ, always take the pleasure to help the young generation and turning them into the professionals as we are very well aware of the importance of internship for the students and organizations. Learning is an endless process and everyone keeps learning throughout their life. If you are experienced then it’s your responsibility to spread knowledge among the seekers.

We have an exclusive internship and placement program where we offer favorable circumstances to students who want to get hands-on experience in the industry. We have established a well-planned system where the student will get maximum exposure during their training and based on their performance we offer them placement too.

Our internship program consist of the following steps :

Atliq internship program

  • We offer students an opportunity to appear for an interview which includes two-phase: logical questioning round and practical test.
  • Based on their performance in both rounds, we select students for internships.
  • Few colleges allow students a summer internship as well as a winter internship which is very beneficial for the students.
  • Within two months of their internship, we offer placement to students based on their performance and willingness to join our company.

Through our experience, we have noticed a few parameters which are essential to boost the confidence of the interns and they are listed below:

  1. In the initial 2 weeks, students need to work on fundamental of technology in which he/she is interested.
  2. During those weeks, they are also given essential knowledge of all tools and technical aspects of the industry.
  3. From day one, we take care of them where they are involved in all major activities of the companies such as Daily Scrum, Sprint meeting and other activities.
  4. They are given real-time work from day one under continuous mentoring from our experienced team.
  5. Our HR also take care of their general concern where we arrange monthly one on one meeting with them. We take care of their genuine concern on an immediate basis.
  6. It’s their mentor’s responsibility to train them as per the organization’s need, where they arrange small meetings with them to understand the progress of work assigned to the interns.
  7. During their training, we arrange seminars and workshops to give them extra knowledge about the industry and trending topics.
  8. We always try to assist them with a very positive mindset as it’s our duty to train them and give them a proper direction in the corporate world. If we fail to train them it’s a huge loss to us as it’s an investment of our time and the trainees suffer too because they lack behind with the knowledge and the right experience. Also, it is a way to motivate students and help them to bridge the gap between academy and industry.

The internship comes as an advantage to the industries as it is the easiest way of hiring young professionals and they come with some of the important benefits like :

Internship important benefits

  • You can mold them accordingly to the needs of the market.
  • They are very passionate and energetic towards their career.
  • They are willing to work on different things technologies or projects and take exposure to it rather than working on a single project.
  • They are more curious about new things and try out their hands on it.

We believe that it’s our responsibility to motivate them and provide them with a platform that can satisfy their career needs. In fact, experience comes only after you get an opportunity To explore yourself and an opportunity to learn.


AtliQ is not an organization that focuses on profit it believes in growing every employee of the organization and provide the opportunity for young people to get their hands on real work rather than having only theoretical knowledge. Your knowledge is only valuable when it is helpful to others. An internship is not only about teaching the interns it is also about having young and creative people in your organization to make your work more productive. We call it as a two way of learning instead of one way.

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