Having food together in the corporate company is a blessing

A meal is an essential part of the human life cycle, it is not just a portion of food that one should have each day there are a lot many things connected with it like emotions, love, memories and many more. In Indian culture, ancient people used to have their meal together and there is one famous saying “A family that eats together stays together” and so we do follow the same viewpoint of our great tradition in spite of modernizations and having food together in the corporate company is a blessing.

At AtliQ, we believe in the concept of the “One Family” and therefore we eat our meal together as reverence of our bonding together as “One Family”. While having food together we not only sit together to eat together, sharing food is an essential part that takes place. We keep in mind the quote which says “Sharing is Caring”.

Sharing the meal does not only imply sharing food with it we share our love and emotions too. While having our meal, we discuss various topics where people share different things and others get to know a lot more things related to food, culture, traditions, habits, diets, health, etc.

We have employees from different states of the country and having employees from different parts gives you exposure to taste unique and specialized foods of their native place. Sometimes it gives you an opportunity to learn about the hidden stories related to that particular food and acquire knowledge about meal trends and traditions of different places. When such different people from different regions seat together and eat together, it truly becomes “One Nation, One Family”. We also get a lucky time where people discuss their various experiences related to food and many things. It is not just lunchtime, it is our one hour class where we learn any things related to the different culture and its traditions.


In spite of being a corporate, we sit together on the floor to have our food removing all the hierarchy barriers everyone is on the same level including the director of the company to office boy which shows respect towards each other and the food and reflects equality amongst everyone. Sitting on the floor while eating a meal helps you lot as it is a scientifically proven and ancient people also used to prefer this. This also shows respect towards our earth.

During our lunchtime, we assure that all the conversations are very positive and funny so people can feel relaxed and stress-free from work during those moments. It is also a good therapy to have a healthy laugh.

“After a good meal, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”

– Oscar Wilde

After lunch, each of us is so relaxed that we start our second session with a fresh mind and great energy. This also helps in increasing productivity and efficiency.


There are some days when one-person brings some special food for all colleagues as a good gesture showing all teammates is a family member and is valuable. We also offer food to our customers or clients if they are at our venue during our lunchtime. We believe that anyone at our venue during lunchtime is our family and it’s our responsibility to offer them food. Sometimes if someone forgets to bring food or they are not able to bring it, we share from our portion with them. There are some incidents when someone doesn’t like their meal then they ask anyone to share their food and the other person feels the pleasure in sharing the meal. We also provide a meal to our new joiners in case they are shifted from a new place or on their first day they have not brought their meal. It is our way of welcoming them in the family and showing love and respect towards them.


We believe that sharing food is true blessings where you can share your food with the different people on a daily basis else there are millions of people who don’t have any company while they take their food. We, at AtliQ always take this pride to be a corporate with all great traditions and great cultural values. We are lucky to be a part of this culture and thus enjoy this culture from bottom of our heart.