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FUN @ AtliQ Technologies Excellence Bhi..Entertainment Bhi..!!

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 “It is not work if you are not having fun” While we already talked about the importance of an employee-friendly working environment, let us now talk about how fun in the office is the future of work. A common perception is that fun happens outside work hours because it might be a distraction from work and takes away time from the daily activities. This is why many managers micromanage fun, which sometimes results in being no fun at all. On the other hand, we at AtliQ start and end our day with fun. Workplace fun is the key factor of happiness and promotes a positive mindset among the employees. With a high level of employee wellbeing, we have been reporting lower absenteeism and work-related errors.             

What Are the Benefits of Having Fun at Work?

The most spoken benefit of a fun workplace is the high employee engagement and motivation. However, there are many more underlying benefits of incorporating fun into the workplace. 

  • Fun activities carrying surprising gifts elevates participation spirit 
  • Solidifies the company culture 
  • Develops great camaraderie around the group
  • Healthier bottom line 
  • Reduces stress and increases productivity 
  • Inspires creativity 

Creating a healthy & happy working environment is fun, but not easy. But, the more you try, the bigger dividends will pay. 

How to Create a Fun Workplace?

While planning to implement a fun workplace, it is important not to forget that it should not hamper the productivity of the employees. Creating a fun yet productive work environment can be more tricky than it sounds. Here are a few of our recommendations to improve your odds. 

  • Inclusive Fun: While the team is made of different personalities who have different interests, it is important to take it into account while planning any activity. Allow extroverts to grab the spotlights while introverts are gently encouraged to. Make sure not to force anyone to participate if they feel uncomfortable. 
  • Positive Environment: Fun activities are not the sole way to turn around a toxic work environment. Positivity should be injected throughout the organization.  
  • Quick Breaks: Implement short breaks according to the workplace setup and schedules. Encourage the team for a quick coffee, walk, or a trivia session to boost their energy. 
  • Share Meals: Ensure that the employees have food away from their desks. Lunch breaks are known for bringing people closer. Plan team lunch outings periodically. Encourage fun conversation and help everyone to get to know one another. 
  • Rapport building: Encourage sportsmanlike light-hearted rivalry among the employees. But be careful that the competitiveness doesn’t go too far as it could cause negative consequences.   
  • Adventure: Allowing the employees to pick their own activities can make them feel empowered and is the easiest way to boost engagement. All you need to do is to check if the ideas are appropriate and feasible.  

Fun @ Atliq

At AtliQ Technologies, we simply don’t have fun for the sake of having fun, but we enjoy every minute of it. We make sure we learn and grow through them. We take breaks and move away from the desk to enjoy the relaxing break time. We encourage our team to take regular breaks, which helps them stay motivated and refreshed. Here are a few ways how we make our work fun: 

  • Wow Wednesday: Working 5 days a week, Wednesday is our halfway journey. Thus we reserve a part of that day for fun. Every week one employee gets the turn to host the game, which boosts their stage confidence. Even just a game of a few minutes is enough to put smiles on their faces, giving everyone a new fresh perspective to take back to work.  
  • Monday Lunch: Monday is never welcomed in the corporate world. But if something could make it better, it has to be food. A delicious meal box, sharing the happening weekend encounters, and cracking jokes keep our Monday blues away.  
  • Decorating: We believe that the workplace reflects the personality and spending a huge part of the day in the office, it is important not to hate it. Keeping the workspace attractive not only is pleasing to the eyes but also conducive to productivity. We take pride in simple yet attractive works, and the same is reflected in our office. 
  • Outings: Socializing with the team is the key to forming a collaborative culture. Hanging out outside together with the work team is the easiest way to get everyone to have fun and form relationships which will inspire collaboration back at work. Such socializing allows them to communicate better and develop a sense of trust.     
  • Acknowledging Small Wins: We are a believer in the progress principle being one of the biggest influences on workplace productivity and happiness. For us, meaningful work doesn’t always mean achieving the ultimate goal, but significant progress towards the goal is itself meaningful.   
  • Feedback: We encourage the members to give constructive feedback to help each other and help each other grow. The employees appreciate feedback from peers and it also helps them to develop a closer relationships and easy collaboration in the future.   
  • Hobbies at Work: Everyone has a hobby that they are passionate about other than their work. A hobby is a way to relieve stress and bond with the ones who have common interests. Hobbies like singing, reading, sculpturing, etc are welcomed as stress relief during hectic days.      

We always believe that the business where the employees are encouraged to have fun is the one where the employees deliver the best work. Every employee loves to put their best when they are appreciated and acknowledged. Celebrating little things to enjoying the big things isn’t rocket science, and all it needs is the human approach. The golden rule of building a fun workplace is where employees are treated as humans and not robots. 

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