What are flexible hours? How flexible hours useful for any business?

When an organization commences it has its own objectives to fulfill but one of the most common goals which prevail is to grow the business. Employee satisfaction is one thing that helps any business to reach the highest peak. An employee feels content when they have the liberty to perform their role with the flexibility and comfortability to some extent, so to satisfy employees, flexible hours plays a significant role. Flexible hours exactly mean what it sounds like. It is a way to fulfill the needs of employees by providing flexibility to them. Flexibility can be provided in three ways:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Flexible time
  • Flexible locations

Having flexible hours is not only for the development and benefit of employees, but it is also essential for the growth of business and it provides benefits to employees as well as organizations. As employees are the core of any organization, let us see the advantages which the employees are getting because of flexible working:

1. Reduced stress level

Every role whether it is personal or professional comes with certain obligations and responsibilities. Having flexible working hours lets your employees accomplish their responsibilities outside of their job. It helps them to maintain the balance between their work and personal life which reduces stress. Reducing stress levels plays an important role in any organization as it increases the productivity of the employee.

2. Increased job satisfaction

The reduced stress level in the organization and fulfillment of personal as well as a professional goal motivates the employee to work at fullest efficiency and the outcome of the work is always positive. Being content increased the job satisfaction of the employee.

3. Improved health

It helps to take care of the health of employees as they have the liberty to work at any time and any location. Sometimes it may be the case that an employee is not feeling well then he/she can work from their home or they can work during the hours when they must be feeling well enough to work. It assists them in taking care of their health as time management becomes easy.

Being unwell brings out the necessity to take sick leave to have rest and coming to the office may result in spreading infection. With the provision of flexible hours, the need to take sick leave has reduced and it also decreases the chances of other people getting sick.

4. Helps to save the money

Flexible hours help employees to take care of their health and subsequently it helped the employees to save money. It reduced the chances of them getting sick which eliminated the need to spend on healthcare. It also saves the money of traveling to and from work. With flexible working options, employees can lessen or do away with their commutes. A cutback in commuting saves both time and money.

Advantages of flexible hours for employers

1. Downturn costs

Flexible hours help in the improvement of employee health. The healthier the employees, the more productively they can work for the organization and the expenses on health are less. Healthy employees are more productive and enthusiastic.

2. Increased productivity

With the provision to work from home time spent on commutation is saved, that duration can be used to perform the task i.e. the work can be started earlier and can be continued till late. Working from home also makes them obliged to put an extra effort towards their work and make them responsive to prove that they are working effectively from home to justify the arrangement made for them. This all together results in an increase in productivity.

3. Staff retention

As the company is offering flexible hours to employees, they feel that they possess some importance for the organization and their needs are taken care of. People having other responsibilities are able to fulfill them and it maintains their interest to work in the organization.

4. Increased creativity

Employees who find flexible hours useful and get satisfied with it get more engaged with the work of the organization and think out of the box and try to be more innovative. A happy employee is the motivated ones and are more active in the office and always try to come up with creative ideas.

As a growing and employee-centric company, we understand the roles and responsibilities that an employee has to perform, whether it is personal or professional. We are concerned about our employees and we believe that productivity can only be obtained if the employee is satisfied and happy. So, we implemented flexible working hours that can help our employees to have a well maintained personal and professional life.

Sitting for long hours, feeling unwell, having some personal commitments these are some reasons where your productivity is off-track and that have an adverse effect on the achievement of organizational as well as personal goals. Our objective is to provide the best possible facilities for our people that can help them to grow as well as that motivates them to work efficiently and effectively.


When it comes to flexible working hours, the potential leverage for employees is widely known which includes enhanced work-life balance, considerable autonomy and boosted self-esteem. But it is necessary for employers to keep in mind that flexible working hours should not decrease the productivity of the organization. It is not only about employees who experience the benefits of such initiatives, but the enterprises also get certain benefits such as decreased costs, increased output, and retained the loyalty of employees. If flexible working hours are used properly it can be beneficial for everyone whether it is an employer or an employee.