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How we help our employees to find their hidden talent

In an organization, different people work together and every one is unique and has some talent hidden in themselves. Sometimes they are aware of their talent and sometimes people have to help them to identify it. There can be a lot of reasons behind it like they have never got a chance to explore new things or they don’t want to try out new things etc. In this competitive world, it is very necessary to own at least more than one skill.

At AtliQ, we have created our own “Talent Development Program” known as TDP where we give an opportunity to all the employees to participate in different and sometimes new things. We try to keep things simple and employee-friendly so they don’t have any fear of failure when are participating in any of the activity.

To make this program efficient, we have defined the following steps:

  • We conduct a team review meeting of each member every month where we divide their performance into two segments: attribute (50%) and knowledge (50%). A project manager will make sure to point out their strengths and weaknesses. HR will also add points based on candidate behavioral performance.

We gather information related to their area of interest

  • We gather information related to their area of interest, hobbies, and willingness to learn new things. According to the gathered information, we separate people having an interest in technical or management or both.
  • Now, we have enough data within the initial three months. By referring to those data we can easily know how to provide new opportunities to people and to whom. When we get a new assignment, we assign it to people having an interest in the same area. For example, there is one project on mobile application development and a software engineer who wants to learn the same. We encourage them to be a part of this project. The team leader of application development will make sure to provide all necessary information and consistent training.
  • When a candidate starts working on a new project, we make sure to motivate them at a regular interval. Giving them an open environment where they can learn more is also an essential key point. We do short reviews with them to make sure their progress goes well.

do not need to worry about any failure

  • The good part is, they do not need to worry about any failure as it’s their learning phase and mistakes are acceptable. With every mistake, they will be given all necessary guidance so they won’t make the same mistakes again. During this program, we provide them enough space to communicate with the team leader or anyone they want to talk to.
  • We give them this extra work as an interest-based project. They don’t have any hard and fast deadlines for their initial trial. We give them all the major flexibility during this pilot project.
  • After completion of this trial period, we make a performance report where we list down all the points regarding candidate overall performance. We also decide on the next assignment for them based on this report.

share their mistakes and achievements

  • We share their mistakes and achievements during the period so they can also do some self retrospective. This way they prepare themselves for the next assignment.

We highly believe that if a person does not know something does not mean that he/she is not capable of doing it, it’s our responsibility to give them a platform where they can explore new things. With every mistake, we let them learn, we guide them, we motivate them. That’s how you make a very strong team. We do not believe in numbers, we believe in the strength of each member.

We are very proud to have such a strong team who owns their responsibility and highly dedicated to performing their tasks.

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