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Employee Stories

Our management team makes sure that operations run smoothly. As a team, we work hard to make sure that our cooperation remains hassle-free for you and we frequently go the extra mile to give our customers the best possible experience.

Priyanka Mishra

( Product Manager )

“Let me take you back to when I was drowning in an unhealthy work culture at my previous job. 12-13 hour workdays were the norm, with late-night meetings added on top – even when I was sick or struggling with intense menstrual cramps. My boss turned a blind eye when I requested period leave to rest and recharge. I lived on painkillers just to power through, but it took a massive toll on my health. There were no clear project execution processes, creating more chaos and stress. By the time I decided to quit, I was completely burnt out.

That’s when I discovered AtliQ Technologies and read about their famed employee-first culture. I was instantly drawn in, picturing a healthier environment where I would be valued as an individual. For a whole year, I obsessively checked their website, waiting for the perfect Product Owner role to open up. You can not imagine my joy when I finally got that interview call from AtliQ! Around the same time, my previous employer dangled a 50% raise to lure me back. But the choice was crystal clear – I chose AtliQ for the sake of my mental peace and well-being.

One thing I admire at AtliQ is that everyone’s presence is respected. No information is surpassed from me & I’m always kept in the loop even if I’m not readily available at a particular time. This keeps me well informed of everything happening in and around the projects. I get to express my thoughts freely and my ideas are valued. What struck me most was the radical transparency and egalitarian policies. From the top management to an intern, the same rules applied to everyone without hierarchy. We were all respected as human beings first.

Within 3 months, I completed my probation period and with the guidance and supervision of senior colleagues a couple of months later, I was promoted to lead the team of product owners and designated as a Project Manager too. It wasn’t just about the titles though – it was about the trust my team had in me and the way leadership responded to my initiatives with support. When I wanted to refine processes, they empowered me to learn on the go and implement changes.

I’ll never forget the first time I took menstrual leave without any shame or guilt. That was a turning point for me in feeling truly valued as an employee.

At AtliQ, there’s a genuine sense of community and support. We all grow together, celebrating each other’s wins and life events. When I got married, it was like my second family, my entire team was there, cheering me on as I stepped into this new phase. And the workaholic in me was so thrilled that I started discussing work with them in my wedding attire. Well, I got scolded for the same!

These days, I’m able to strike that elusive work-life balance. My personal and professional families coexist in beautiful harmony. I have AtliQ’s employee-first policies to thank for finally feeling like a human being, not just a resource.”

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