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Employee Stories

Our management team makes sure that operations run smoothly. As a team, we work hard to make sure that our cooperation remains hassle-free for you and we frequently go the extra mile to give our customers the best possible experience.

Kiran Sargara

(Office Help)

“For many, an office is just a workplace. But for me, AtliQ Technologies is like a big family. I come from a humble background, and from a young age, I’ve had to work hard to support my family along with my studies. When I was looking for a full-time job, I met Bhavin sir who was hiring an office boy at his small company called Infobizz back then in Vidyanagar. I gladly took on the responsibility of managing the office.

As the company grew into AtliQ Technologies and shifted to Vadodara, things got tougher for me. I had to travel 40 km daily by local train. To make ends meet, I juggled two jobs, working 12-15 hours every single day. But I did whatever it took to provide for my family.

Here’s the thing, I’m the early bird around here. First one in, start the day by lighting a diya. Then, it’s all hands on deck – from office supplies to welcoming clients with chai. I help everyone with everything. One of my favorite parts? Making sure Bhavin sir gets his daily dose of fruits. Keeps him healthy, and makes me feel responsible, you know?

I coordinate with vendors and assist the HR team with activities and events. In fact, I don’t just help organize events, I happily participate in them too! That’s how much I’ve become a part of this AtliQ family.

One day, while casually chatting with Bhavin sir about my second job. He learned how much I was working, and he gave me a raise! That meant I could quit my other job and spend more time with my family.

People here know I’m very photogenic and they love to tease me about it sometimes. For me, AtliQ is my family, and they treat me with love and respect like one of their own.”

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