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Employee Stories

Our management team makes sure that operations run smoothly. As a team, we work hard to make sure that our cooperation remains hassle-free for you and we frequently go the extra mile to give our customers the best possible experience.

Keval Patel

Graphic Designer (Manager)

“Life wasn’t easy after I lost my father as a teenager. My mother did everything for us, and all she wanted was to see me in a good place.

When I started as a graphics designer at my last company for just 7500 rupees/month, I wondered if I had made the wrong choice. They had very strict processes – fixed timings, set workflows, and narrow scopes focused on repetitive projects. While it gave good training, there was little flexibility, room for creativity, personal growth, or team bonding. The work hours were intense but interactions outside of core work were minimal.

Things got really bad when they denied my leave for my wedding. I don’t know what came over me, but I quit the job. I got married while unemployed. I was all set to go abroad and start afresh, but it would mean moving away from my family. I didn’t feel ready for that, but I felt I had no other options. That’s when a friend introduced me to AtliQ, a promising startup with no design team. I took a chance, interviewed, and was excited to be selected as their first designer.

From day one, I’ve experimented with my work. The good is welcomed, and the bad is critiqued to help me improve. I got to train directly under Bhavin sir to become a manager. I not only learned how to manage a team, but I feel trained to support and guide others too. It’s not just about managing work – it’s about managing human beings.

I remember once when I called Bhavin sir home, my mother talked about how she wanted me to go abroad. But now she’s so happy that I’m in a good place. Bhavin sir replied, ‘Your son will always be with you.’ As I reflect on the journey these past nearly 5 years, I realize how far I’ve come. Now, as the graphic team manager, this isn’t just a workplace; it’s become my second family.

The happiness, bonds, and peace I feel here mirror those in my own home. At AtliQ, we share everything – from meals to being part of each other’s special moments. And you know what? My son adores my colleagues too! This isn’t just an extended family; it’s my family, and I couldn’t be happier.”

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