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Employee Stories

Our management team makes sure that operations run smoothly. As a team, we work hard to make sure that our cooperation remains
hassle-free for you and we frequently go the extra mile to give our customers the best possible experience.


Keval Patel

Graphic Designer (Manager)
“ My design journey has had twists and turns, but AtliQ saw the map inside my mind. They lit the runway so my talents could take flight. Now I soar higher each day, empowered to create and innovate. ”

Vipul patel

UI/UX Designer (Manager)
“ There were highs & lows. There were rise & fall. I fell, stood up, learned-unlearnt & I am proud of what I have become today! ”

Kiran Sargara

(Office Help)
“ હું પ્રથમ આવનાર છું અને છેલ્લે છોડનાર છું, અને મને ખાત્રી છે કે હું અહીં કાયમ રહેવાનો છું!” ”

Priyanka Mishra

( Product Manager )
"I went from being a burned-out cog to a fulfilled person. AtliQ's culture shattered all my expectations of what a workplace could be - supportive, inclusive, and prioritizing my wholeness. They gave me back my mental health. "
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