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Employee Incentive Program

employee incentive program
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No effort made by our team goes unnoticed by our attentive management. In addition, we strongly believe that our team develops a sense of ownership for this organization, and they are policy makers just like the core management team and they are consistently encouraged for the same.

Hence, when a team member comes up with their unique ideas or any suggestion that they feel can help us improve our work process, and if that suggestion benefits us or has helped us in improving our overall flow, then as a reward, they are acknowledged with a cash incentive, gift vouchers, or even some hampers.

We also believe ‘Success unshared is a failure” hence the team gets some cash rewards if they complete the project according to the timeline. Their management, sincere dedication may help them earn some extra cash prizes.

If any of our team members gives us any lead, upon successful conversion that member will be eligible for a share of the invoice amount we raised for the project.

This initiative has worked wonders for us. It has helped us get some great and innovative ideas. Our team feels motivated to think out-of-the-box and be a part of the decision making team.

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