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Diversification at AtliQ Technologies
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Diversification as the name suggests is creating a mix-bag of different people, cultures, and stories. At, AtliQ we give this policy great importance because we believe that it is through diversification that people learn to view life and work from a new perspective. It increases learning and tolerance and acts as a constant reminder that our best comes from an amalgam of different ideas, learnings, cultures, and thinking. We aim to be inclusive and welcome any difference as an opportunity to learn.

We are a great team that comprises people from different walks of life, different religious beliefs, genders, and age groups. Our interns and the freshers in our organization are as young as 21 and 22, while some of the members from our management are in their late thirties. We have a balanced gender ratio and have equal male and female employees. We encourage people from different religious backgrounds to join the organization. Whether it’s Christmas or Diwali, Baisakhi or Eid, we celebrate all these festivals as a team.

We strongly believe in equality and inclusion. We take pride in our open-mindedness and our ability to make each individual feel welcome. We have made it a point to always understand different cultures, their practices, and even enjoy food from different parts of the country when we share our lunch with each other. We have great respect for all communities, genders, and thinking, and stand very strongly for unity in diversity.

This has made a significant contribution in the overall progress of the company. Diversity in the workforce often equates to diversity in views, ideas and approaches and the team learns a lot from their peers and progress further on the road of success.

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