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Dating Platform: The Ultimate App Building Guide for 2023

Dating Platform: The Ultimate App Building Guide for 2023
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Finding  “The One”  is the ultimate quest in human life, with so many novels, films, and social media showing the perfect happily ever after! Without any surprise that we are still obsessed with it in some form today, with no clue where to start.

But wait. It’s 2023. Everything is solvable if you know how to create an app! Is it not? Why not find the one for you in an app? Before we start talking about the current age dating apps, let us first know about the history of dating apps.

Brief History of Dating Apps

During 1995-99, with the creation of the first contemporary dating website Match- American businessman Gary Kremen contributed to the development of the internet dating sector. Users were matched on the website based on their responses to a wide range of questionnaires.

Both- Plenty of Fish and OkCupid went up for free in 2003 and 2004, respectively. Despite being eclipsed by Match’s success, these websites saw growth after developing mobile versions years later.

Numerous phone applications that we use today were made possible by 2005- thanks to Facebook. With the development of smartphones, additional dating applications started to appear, offering a more accessible outlet than PCs. The program was first made available for Apple devices in 2009, and then two years later, it was made available for Android handsets.

In 2012, Tinder was released, and both programs boasted novel features and several areas of appeal. The option to “swipe left” or “swipe right” on possible matches for a faster rate of viewing was the most distinctive feature that Tinder gave users. Tinder is the most popular dating app in the US right now.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic’s social isolation and quarantine requirements, innovative application creators have revived the online dating sector and helped people connect more. Due to the success of the social media platform TikTok, video-first dating apps have begun to appear. Additionally, dating apps that prioritize audio started to become increasingly prevalent.

Online dating has been able to advance with technology since it was first developed following the advent of the internet. The boom of online dating may only level down in the next years, from dial-up dating sites to apps on nearly every smartphone.

Why Develop a Dating App? 

Online dating applications and portals are increasingly popular as social networking sites play an increasingly important role in navigating and tracking romantic interactions among people. Additionally, the industry has several opportunities to expand as a result of the rising internet penetration rate and the expanding smartphone user base. However, the rising online fraud and data breaches caused by dating apps will impede industry expansion.

Based on a market research report Online Dating Services Market Outlook – 2025 by Allied Market Research- the online dating services market was estimated to be worth USD 6,400 Million in 2017. By 2025, it is to be worth USD 9,202 Million, with a CAGR of 4.7%. Why not leverage such a market? But before stepping in let us pick the niche you want to offer.

Types of Dating Apps 

Types of Dating Apps 

The dating app classification is done based on their people matching principle.

  1. Niche-Based: With the help of these dating apps, potential partners are matched based on shared interests. There are many possibilities to pick from and you can discover your niche, whether it be pet owners, fitness freaks, foodies, or even others who share the same dislikes.
  2. Geolocation: This kind of matching, as implied by the name, links individuals based on their closeness to one another geographically. For instance, Tinder lets you specify how close a potential match should be to you. You can also go global to see people from all around the world. 
  3. Traditional: An addition to a website platform that resembles an online directory of individuals is a conventional dating app. A good example of this type is OkCupid. 
  4. Questionnaire-Based Match Making: A matching algorithm that is based on questionnaires is part of the architecture of several dating applications. In other words, they initially ask customers to respond to a series of inquiries regarding their preferences and expectations. The program then links people with shared personal values and objectives based on their comments.

Features of Dating Apps

Features of Dating Apps

Some people use dating apps just to pass the time, although the majority of them seek out a real connection and meaningful relationship. The identification of the target market and the implementation of crucial features that your application needs are the cornerstones of a successful app. Let’s learn how to build a dating app with fundamental functions.

  • Sign-In Options: Give customers a choice of account registration options, including phone, email, and social media. Don’t forget to emphasize that their social media pages will not show their dating app account. The registration process’s simplicity and minimal effort are its most crucial components. The choice to sign up for a dating site is typically impulsive and motivated by curiosity or boredom. For good user retention, give your users quick and simple access to the database of profiles.
  • Messaging: It should be simple to connect with matches and start a conversation via in-app communication. To give their audience something to talk about directly after the game, some applications provide icebreaker ideas, humorous questions, or even quizzes. The majority of contemporary dating apps are built with a video chat capability, which is particularly useful during lockdown situations when people cannot meet in person. Try to design a dating app with welcoming and recognizable chat rooms to make it easier for users to jump into the conversation without wasting time getting used to the features. Include a simple connection to the report button, image uploads, etc. Users can report a profile to the administrator for a more thorough investigation if someone is acting inappropriately and raising legitimate concerns.
  • Deleting or Disabling an Account: Make a dating website or app that allows users to immediately freeze and delete their accounts. Eventually, users meet someone, tire of using dating apps or simply need a break from dating. How do I add this function to a dating website or app? Offer a straightforward process for permanently terminating the account or temporarily pausing it.
  • Undo Match: Most applications, like Tinder, only provide their Premium members access to this feature in an effort to entice free users to subscribe. Due to the repetitious nature of swiping, users may swipe left and miss out on a matching opportunity. Swipes can be changed by users by going back and undoing them. 
  • Panic Button: Some dating apps now need to incorporate a panic button to increase security. Users who feel dangerous while out on a date can press the panic button to alert the dating app administrator, who will look into the situation and contact the police or emergency contacts. It increases security and gives users of the application a sense of security.
  • Social Media Integration: Many dating apps provide you access to your social media network’s connections, making it easier to find dates because you already have at least one friend in common. The ability to eliminate certain individuals from the pool is another benefit of social media integration. Avoiding your prior relationships is a problem that social media integration can address. Users can select people they do not want to view on the app, such as coworkers, ex, relatives, etc. You can also use their phone numbers to add them to your blacklist.

Willing to make a dating app incorporating all the features you would like to have? Check out AtliQ Technologies’ mobile app development services.

Identity your Dating App Potential 

The market for dating apps is expanding along with the demand for them. As a result, the time is now if you want to develop a dating app. However, there are a few crucial factors to take into account for the effective development of mobile dating apps in the coming years.

Identity your Dating App Potential 

How To Create A Dating App

The market for dating apps is very diverse.

In light of the intense competition, we should consider how to design a dating app that would draw users, develop traction, and generate the anticipated revenue. Make a dating app first and foremost with a narrow but sufficient audience in mind. If you want to create a dating app with more credibility, you can focus on matches that have specific hobbies, preferences, and relationship goals, or you can even enable group dates.

  • Market & Competitor Study: To create a dating app that consumers would use, it is crucial to devote adequate time and money to meticulous planning and competition app market research. This means that if you want to make money developing dating applications, you need to be creative. Your software should also be highly user-focused in addition to being unique. 
  • Plan on UI/UX: The UX should be carefully considered when navigating across app screens. The functionality of the app should be supported by the UI. Make sure your app’s name and branding are simple to recall. begin developing the app’s content as soon as possible. Notifications and system messages should stimulate more involvement with a dating app in addition to UX/UI design services. 
  • Tech Stack & MVP Development: This phase will include the clarification of the project’s requirements, the business objectives, and project prototyping. We advise starting with an MVP version of the app if you want to test it out initially. The dating app’s future is different from that of any other app now on the market. To keep this program functioning, you might need to concentrate on adding some of the necessary functionality.
  • Marketing Plan: You should be properly informed of the market’s current trends. Because adopting the most recent trends can help your app. AI deployment  can offer your customers a simple and effective user experience. Additionally, you need to understand how to market your items to the people that matter. You can do it by using a variety of marketing strategies that are offered in the marketplace. If your company’s motto is to put consumer satisfaction ahead of brand promotion. Only then will you have a chance to win in this cutthroat market. By creating the application for both the Android and iOS application markets, you may always grow your business.

Cost of Building a Dating App

While you plan to match hearts, you don’t want to dig a hole in your pockets.   

The process of creating a mobile dating app is intricate and extensive, and many factors affect how much the finished product will cost. There is no one size fits all method for estimating the cost of a custom-built application because each one is different. 

The needs for the app, the extent of the work, and, of course, the fees charged by software providers all play a role in the cost. However, there are a lot of important aspects to consider when estimating the overall cost of developing a dating app, including the complexity of the design, functionality, feature set, and the anticipated number of active users.

Features of Dating App

*Note: This is an approximate hour estimation made by our team based on our previous experiences. The actual hours might differ based on individual app requirements. 

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Want to Build a Dating App? 

More and more people are turning to digital dating on their mobile devices as they look for love using the most recent technologies. Despite the fierce competition in the dating app business, there are still many options to take advantage of.  Finding distinctive characteristics that will set you apart from competitors is vital because there are numerous mobile solutions available for every taste. The objective is to create an app that offers consumers value, satisfies their needs, and demonstrates fresh advantages. It will aid in the success of your dating strategy.

All you need to do is validate your app idea and select a reputable software vendor if you already have one in mind. The vast experience of our staff helped numerous businesses create effective and interesting dating apps. You can count on AtliQ Technologies to offer you excellent mobile development services and advice on how to establish a dating app. To create a dating solution that will win hearts, get in touch with us right now.


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