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Joyful Office Festive Celebrations

Whether you get a funny secret Santa or see your coworker perform a ‘Govinda’ dance move at a Diwali party, our festival celebrations spread smiles.

Festival Celebration

AtliQ didn’t choose the fun life, fun chose the AtliQ life

Coming from a country rich in culture, India is home to many festivals. It’s a way to connect with our shared beliefs, values and teaching that bond us stronger as a community. What better way than festival celebrations to foster understanding, team building and a deep sense of belonging at the office?

Diwali is more than just a rangoli made by HR. No forced fun here. With Atliqers, meaningful concepts are created where you can escape the mundane activities of life with a sense of collective joy and an experience of a lifetime. Festival celebrations are intended to bring you closer to your colleagues and to make a meaningful impact on your life. Hear your colleagues reminisce and laugh about — “Remember the time when we…” over a cup of coffee at the office.

What’s the True Sense of Celebrations at AtliQ?

#1. Celebration Of Diversity

Our heritage is rich in arts, crafts, music and practices that have been embraced in the world. India is a place where each state has its own culture. People speak different languages, eat different food, wear different clothes and have unique spiritual beliefs. Whether it be Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Christmas, Ramzan or Diwali, Atliqers celebrate each festival with pulsating energy and a cultural togetherness.

#2. For the Team, by the Team

Many corporate festival celebrations get office boys to decorate the workplace or outsource, we do it ourselves at AtliQ. While we also understand, some introverts find festival events and activities terrifying. It brings a positive outlook to team bonding.

Imagine you’re having a rough day, and you see your coworker pop a balloon on the face while filling it. You burst into laughter.

Celebrated occasions release “feel-good” chemicals in the brain. Serotonin is known to relax the body, increase motivation, and reduce stress. Additionally, oxytocin promotes cooperation and relationships.

Get the glimpse of Atliqers, from our Diwali celebration:

Festival Celebration

#3. Unlocking Leadership

Celebrations are more than popping balloons, party poppers and cones. Workplaces that practice team bonding nurtures leaders. Where people take initiatives, learn time management and create a deep trust with their peers. These are the 3 things we focus at AtliQ:

  • Team Bonding:
    Event activities are shared collaborations, ideas and inputs towards a shared objective. From ideation of activities to going problem-solving skills, each person learns about other’s strengths, weaknesses and unique traits. Making a person feel seen, heard, valued and validated.
  • Time Management:
    We don’t want brain-eating dead zombies at work! Time management is really about time freedom to manage between work and play. Creativity flows with balance. Atliqers learn to align the single most important leadership skill of time management with such event celebrations.
  • Expectation Management:
    You may wonder what the heck is an expectation management? Let’s say you’re playing a relay race which requires you and your team to have a strong communication to win. From passing the baton to synchronizing in the race requires clear and extensive communication. This continuous monitoring and communication are fundamentals of expectation management. They play an important role in your interpersonal skills as a leader.

Conclusion:  We make time for big to small celebrations. Celebrate cultures loudly. Festivals for us mean Atliqers being able to spend a joyous time with their families and their second family at AtliQ. We never miss a chance to create a culture of togetherness.

Work should be more than just sending out a couple of emails and chai breaks. It should add value to an individual’s life from making fun memories, proudly showcasing your culture and brushing up your skillsets. That’s why festive celebrations are a big part of our work culture at AtliQ.

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