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Glad & Mad Session

Glad & Mad Session

We are a growing company with a lot of projects in our basket. We make sure to spare some time to retrospect our work strategies and sprints. Glad & Mad is a popular agile retrospective technique that promotes well-being by encouraging team members to consider ways to improve the work methods and create a positive team environment by learning from mistakes and continuing the good practices that they have been following. Along with this, it also helps everyone to get a clear insight of overall project management technicality and non-technicality.

After the end of each sprint, the entire team gathers around to have a re-examination on our work routine in that sprint. Each team member reflects some good points along with mentioning some dark spots that they felt can be ignored in the subsequent sprints. A thorough introspection takes place and we make sure to stick to the good practices and with no delay move past our mistakes. While “old school” corporate practices might have promoted only the team leaders and project leads to undergo this exercise, by including each team member creates a sense of responsibility and also improves the analytical skills of our team. Also it increases overall bonding among team members.

Purpose of this approach is to bring the achievements and problems occurred during the project life cycle. It also helps to get a clear insight of overall project management technicality and non-technicality.

It has proven to be a useful tool to help us understand team members. It also guides everyone in how you communicate with each other and interact in the best way to achieve a positive team climate and great results.

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