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22/02/2020 @ Girnar

Our bonds go beyond the confines of our office space, and the team’s trip to Diu and Gir stands witness to this particular attribute. The trip took place between the 22nd and the 25th of February 2020. The itinerary for this four day trip included everything except a dull moment.

The trip started on the beautiful shores of Diu, where the team enjoyed frolicing around in the beautiful environment. They enjoyed adventure sports like parasailing. The team also visited the famous Diu Fort. While food at five star resorts was inviting, the team enjoyed a meal in a traditional dhaba like a family.

The Gir visit was as adventurous and included a lot of fun activities right from a jungle safari to watching tribals perform a beautiful dance while the team enjoyed the warm bonfire and cheered them on. The trip was such a spectacle that it had to be extended for a day and the team still left the resort with a heavy heart. After all, they did carry with them bundles of cherished memories!

Spotlights & Moments

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