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Reach ~ $1M Revenue

With 0 Employees!

With approximately a decade of experience delivering successful projects, we are now scaling our success with you!

Why Partner with Us

Strong Partnership
Preferred Tech Partner
Referral Business
Project Turnaround Rate
Top Talent Hiring ( 98% Rejection Rate )

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Did you know?

95% of businesses fail due to an imbalanced focus on tech over business!!

Let’s just agree- Building a successful software business is hard! You need top talent, proven methodologies, access to the latest technologies, deal with client changes, and the list goes on!!! That’s where we come in.

Let us take care of the People, Process & Tech, while you focus on connecting with the right people!

Leverage your network, while we lend our technical expertise!

Scale Your Revenue 10X: AtliQ Channel Partner Program Overview:

Our partner program is structured around your unique business needs and goals.

Startup Partner Details:

  • Ideal for New Entrants: Tailored for those taking their first steps in IT.
  • Holistic Consultation: Guidance on Sales & Marketing, Content Creation, Customer Acquisition, and more.
  • Hands-Off Technology Management: Focus on your business while we handle the intricacies of IT.

Established Partner Details:

  • For IT Industry Veterans: Perfect for established businesses seeking a reliable tech partner.
  • Expertise in Emerging Tech: Leverage our proficiency in AI, ML, Data Science, and other cutting-edge technologies.
AtliQ Channel Partner Program

Benefits for Partners

Joining forces with AtliQ as a channel partner opens doors to a wide array of advantages designed to fuel your success.

As our esteemed partner, you'll benefit from:

Strategic Planning:

Tailored strategies for your business elevation.

Networking Ideas:

Access innovative ideas and collaborative opportunities.

Financial Incentives:

Enjoy attractive rewards for mutual success.

Training Programs:

Stay ahead with exclusive industry knowledge and skills.

Marketing Support:

Amplify your brand visibility with dedicated support.

Exclusive Resources:

Gain a competitive edge with privileged access to cutting-edge resources.

How to be a Channel Partner

Joining forces with AtliQ as a channel partner opens doors to a wide array of advantages designed to fuel your success.

As our esteemed partner, you'll benefit from:

Send Inquiry:

Reach out to us expressing your interest.

Profile Review:

We assess compatibility.

Intro Call:

Let’s discuss mutual goals and expectations.

Next Steps:

Receive feedback and details on the partnership.

Don’t join us if you are afraid of perfection & huge money!

Success Stories

Join the league of thriving collaborations and enjoy the success experienced by others.

A channel partner from Dallas generated approximately $800,000 in revenue throughout 2023!

A channel partner from Frisco achieved a remarkable $35,000 in the initial three months of launching their services business with us.

Let’s co-create your success story!


Express your interest by reaching out to us through our inquiry form, and we’ll guide you through the process.

No, becoming a channel partner with AtliQ Technologies is entirely free.

We evaluate based on compatibility and shared goals. There are no stringent criteria; we value collaboration and mutual benefit.

Our partnership program is designed to minimize risks and enhance mutual success. We provide support and guidance throughout the collaboration.

While we encourage commitment, we understand business dynamics. We believe in flexible partnerships that work towards mutual satisfaction.

Partners enjoy a range of support, including strategic planning, networking ideas, financial incentives, training programs, marketing support, and exclusive resources.

Results vary based on collaboration specifics, but our goal is to ensure a fruitful partnership swiftly. Timelines are discussed during the initial intro call.

Yes, we offer flexibility. Partnerships can be tailored to focus on specific areas of expertise or cover a broader spectrum based on your business needs.

We specialize in providing consulting and implementation services across the Tech, Business, and Marketing domains. Our expertise spans from digital products to AI and data analytics.

Financial incentives are structured based on the collaboration’s success. The more successful the partnership, the more rewarding the financial incentives. Details are discussed during the partnership review.

Ready to embark on a journey of success?

Click “Apply Now” to become a valued partner at AtliQ! Your success story starts here!

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