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Ed-tech Platform

Ed-Tech Platform: The Ultimate Guide for 2023

What recollections do you have of your school days? A teacher is taking a class few students pay close attention, others pass the time while they wait for the bell to ring. Textbooks or printed materials serve as learning tools. Education isn't what it used to be, and the market…

Product Designing at AtliQ

Product Designing @ AtliQ

Do you remember the time when you tried your favorite snack for the first time? What was the most appealing thing that pushed you towards that choice? The super cool design, right? Surely, some funky color or creative animation would have caught your eye. Product designing makes sure that you…


Go-to-market Strategies for Your Mobile Applications

Did you know a couple of years back there were approximately 1800000 apps on the Apple App store itself! Forget the count including the ones on android and windows. Now, what do these statistics mean to you? It’s simply a reminder of the competition out there.  Building an application is…


Cross Platform Applications – Pros & Cons

What are cross-platform apps?  In layman's language, a cross-platform approach is creating an app that will be compatible with the major operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, and windows. It is also considered an alternative to native app development. Applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc are cross-platform apps. These applications…

data in digital marketing

DATA IN DIGITAL MARKETING – Beginning of the intelligent marketing era

A couple of decades back, marketing was done at a mass targeting level, majorly through print media and television advertisements. Fast forward to today, we have personalized advertisements targeted toward each individual. The current generation brands are focusing more on data-driven marketing strategies, which use smart data to deliver better…

Product life Cycle at AtliQ Technologies

Product Life Cycle @ AtliQ Technologies

At AtliQ Technologies, the product life cycle is the complete process of taking an idea to reality. Whether it is delivering a new product or updating an existing version, the team works beyond just the development. Our product development life cycle starts right from brainstorming the initial concept to strategically…

4th Annual AtliQ Town Hall Meet

4th Annual AtliQ Town Hall Meet

The first of its kind 18th April 2022 was not a regular Monday for AtliQers. It marked our 4th Annual Town Hall Meeting. And it was the first one we held outside the office premises. Kicked off with an energy-boosting dance, the event was a fun-filled one with a lot…

Data Science vs. Data Analytics: Two Sides of a Coin

Data Science vs. Data Analytics: Two Sides of a Coin

Regardless of the industry and organization size, companies are leveraging big data, to efficiently implement Data Science and Data Analytics in some way in their organizations. It also helps them improve their capabilities and avoid the risk of being left behind. With the boom of big data, the terminologies of “data science” and “data analysis” are tossed around without understanding the proper definition
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