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Automation is the beginning of technological Innovative era

Recently we organized a seminar on Automation wherein we dived into the concept of Automation.

The major key points covered where –

  1. What is automation?
  2. Why automation
  3. Advantages of automation
  4. How to do automation

What is automation

Automation is simply organizing daily tasks through some simple algorithms and scripts. It is the use of various control systems to automate manual tasks with the use of technology. Finding out common iterative tasks and merging them into a single task is called Automation.

Why automation

In this high paced technological world, automation is the sole key to success. Automating even simple daily iterative tasks can prove to be really beneficial in the long run. It saves a lot of time and indeed money as said: “Time is Money”.
Advantages of automation

Advantages of automation

  1. Automation is a key factor in technology today.
  2. Automation is everywhere.
  3. Automation is the technology designed for minimum human interference and maximum human output.
  4. Automation saves time and energy.
  5. It increases productivity. Automation makes work smart, not hard.

Advantages of automation

Scripting languages are the best to automate any task.
Moreover, apps can also be used for automating some easy takes like snoozing off the cell phone during office hours or an alarm set for a defined time slot.
Tasks can be easily automated using shell scripts.
A shell script is a file with a set of commands in plain text with the features of Variables, data and Control structures. These features of shell script, one can write a script to perform a set of tasks conditionally.

Conclusion –

Automation can make life simpler and easier, then why not to automate. If systematically carried out automation can turn out to be a boom and time as well as life savior.

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