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Difference – Application Software vs System Software

Application software Vs System Software
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What is System Software? 

The software which is an interface between the application software and the system is the system software. Built using a low-level language, it maintains the system resources. The system software gives a path for application software to run while it also maintains the system resources. The aim of system software is to control the operation and extend the computer’s functionalities and make it effectively faster. It is like general-purpose software, without which a system can not run. 

Examples of system software are: Operating System, Programming Language, Communication Software, etc

Purpose of System Software: 

  • Provide a platform for other software to run 
  • Control and keep track of all program execution 

Features of a System Software

  • It must be efficient enough to provide an effective platform for high-level application software
  • The programming language is more difficult to use than a more intuitive UI  
  • Low-level languages that are easily understood by the CPU & other hardware are used. 
  • It can connect to the hardware and enable the computer to function, even when the software is closed.  
  • The system software must be able to communicate with both the hardware and the application software to ensure the dependency to evolve and change. 

What is Application Software?  

The application software runs on the platform provided by the system software as per the user’s request. The software is created targeting a specific user task, which does the work for the user. It is also called an application package, as it acts as a bridge between the system software and the end-user. High-level languages like C, Java, VB. Net, are used to build application software. One system software can use multiple application software.  

Users now have access to a number of software which helps in executing the day-to-day tasks with ease. The frequently used software application includes word processors, image editing software, web browsers, and others. Some commonly used application software are- Microsoft Applications, Google Chrome, Skype, Corel Draw, etc.

Examples of application software are: Word Doc, Spreadsheet, Database, etc

Purpose of Application Software: 

  • Assists the end-user with a specific task
  • Collect, manage & manipulate the data

Features of Application Software:  

  • It is an efficient tool for solving a set of problems as it is designed to perform a particular task. 
  • It provides an easy interface through which the user interacts with the computer.
  • It can accumulate and manage a huge amount of information, and also provide an understandable database.   
  • Designing an application software is easy and still requires more storage due to its size.
  • It is developed using a high-level language for the ease of use of the end-user.

Application Software vs System Software

difference application software and system software

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