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Quality Software Development Tips at AtliQ Technologies

The feasibility of quality software development has long been a matter of debate in the industry. While delivering quality software improves customer satisfaction, it seemingly takes more time and resources to provide such products. Experts have deliberated whether the benefits of quality software development outweigh the cons, and if improving the quality of the process reaps more rewards than the losses incurred.

What Does Quality Software Mean?

Contrary to popular belief, quality in software development does not mean delivering a product that exceeds client expectations or goes above and beyond the call.

Delivering a quality product means meeting the client’s requirements and expectations.

This is why a quality assurance plan is essential for any software development company.

What is the Importance of Software Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance for software development serves several purposes-

  1. Developing quality software does a lot more than strengthen the client’s confidence in your work.
  2. It helps reduce the time to market and allows a company to save money.
  3. It is a long-term investment that enables you to strengthen your image as it enhances the user experience.
  4. Quality assurance in software development also improves security breaches and protects the software from a breakdown.
  5. It enhances the software’s scalability and makes it easier to maintain as the quality assures high readability and adaptability.

How to Create a Useful Software Quality Plan?

Software testing is an integral part of quality assurance in software development. However, the process ensures a lot more than just the proper functioning of the product.

Software development companies often overlook the critical aspects of quality assurance. Some guiding principles make all the difference when it comes to delivering a quality software product-

Keeping the Users in Mind

The process of quality assurance is much deeper than test conditions and errors. Making sure that the software is fit for the intended audience takes a lot more than that.

To create a quality software product, one must make sure the user interface is welcoming and easy to navigate. The user interface happens to be a crucial aspect in defining the user experience and can potentially make or break a product.

What to Change in Your Quality Assurance Process?

The best way to achieve this result is to include the user in the process. It is essential to get feedback from the users when different versions are roles out and adapt to their’ suggestions.

Testing Process

  1. Software development companies tend to rely on different testing stages to ensure that the software is functioning smoothly. The testing is usually done in three stages- unit tests, system tests, and integration tests.
  2. A unit test is done to check the functioning of a specific unit of the program
  3. A systems test is done to prevent the working of a sub-system
  4. An integration test is done to avoid if the different departments work to perform the intended function from the user end when integrated.

Instead of waiting for one block to be developed or testing when integration is done, tends to delay the error detection process. It is no secret that a bug takes more time and money to fix in the latter stages of development.

How to Change Your Quality Assurance Process?

Therefore, it is essential to rely on a test collaboration platform that integrates all test conditions in one place and allows the QA analysts to begin testing at the earliest. This also enables the workflow and breaks the barriers between developer testing and systems testing. Using this technology, a developer can do systems testing, and a quality assurance expert can perform unit tests.

Error Handling

Error handling is also an essential aspect of quality software development. Like readability of the software is necessary for the development process, good error handling practices impact the quality.

When an error code with a proper message is generated, it is easy for the developers, testers, or users to identify the problem and solve it. Hence, while errors are expected, it is essential to convert them into readable or useful messages to improve error handling.

What to Change in Your Error Handling Process?

To ensure better error handling, convert the errors into useful messages that help solve the problem quicker. Adding a proper message with every condition helps understand the functionality and its limitations better.


These small changes in your quality assurance process will reward you and generate more profits. Contact the best web development company that follow all the above process and increases customer satisfaction.

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